Fernando Ferreira – Autumn Vibes – D-LiQ Records

by | Mar 18, 2024 | Tunes

Howdy fellow DnB heads!  Strex is back bringing you another wicked release from the best up and coming liquid label, D-LiQ Records.

This one is from a label staple, Fernando Ferreira and is in the guise of Autumn Vibes, the time of year it isn’t but the vibes are definitely up there!  

The title track is a wicked metropolis of jazz and funk which all moulds together to form a great piece of music.  One for the listenener for real!  With it’s soothing vocal harmonies and fast paced beat but so melodic with it.

Next up we have a track called Show which actually gives me some carnival vibes.  A fantastic piano riff and a really short, gritty and distorted beat lead you through the intro with a beautiful vocal. When it drops it’s a jazzy affair with an awesome smooth bassline.  

Lastly we have Tell Me To Stay which has a subdued start then into a cool beat and another jazz inspired melody.  With a really funky drop and cool bassline we are treated to a really beautiful tune which gets the head nodding while really soothing you.

This release is out today on D-LiQ Records.  As per usual, clicking the artwork below will take you to a page you can purchase the release.  



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