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Most likely the last review of the year for me, this one to close is another from my favourite up and coming liquid imprint, D-LiQ Records. 


It comes in the form of a single from an artist called Fernando Ferreira who hails from Brazil so lets start off with a small bio of him.


Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Fernando Ferreira has been passionate about breaks since 1995, when he started listening to hip hop groups like WuTang Clan, The Pharcyde, Cypress Hill, among others. He got to know “Jungle” through FM radio programs in São Paulo, in which DJs Marky, Andy, Patife and Marnel performed. Soon he began to frequent the nightclubs where these DJs performed. The passion for this style was so great that he started to be interested in the production in the years 2010, when his first release, the song Coordenadas Cilíndricas, on the DNBB Recordings label, took place. After a break, Fernando returned to productions in 2015 with influences from smooth jazz, funk and Samba.


So let’s jump in, the title track of this release is Funk Elements.  It starts off with a really nice synth which then launches into a beautiful Spanish guitar sound and then a really lively drum beat.  Really feeling how this tune has its intro, giving a unique atmosphere by building the energy early on.  The drop relies on a bass guitar which is positively dripping in funk as the title suggests.  This is a really cool tune and that synth continues on and provides you some melody over that awesome funk.  A really nice balanced tune that would pick any one up on the dancefloor that might be starting to tire on a big night out.


On the flip we have a tune called ‘Hero’ which has quote a chilling atmospheric start to it but then warms you back up again with a really clean, warming beat.  A simple synth comes in next which has an almost cool 80’s vibe to it to then drop with a vocal that sounds beautiful over the top.  The tune is complex on the drop with a wicked bassline in the background and some wonderful percussion which comprises of multiple hi-hats and symbols that just work together and gives you a great sense of energetic rhythm. 


This is a quality release and rounds off the year nicely for D-LiQ Records following on from all their awesome releases in 2021. 


You’ll be able to pick this one up on 27th December 2021 so I suggest you give yourself a little Christmas gift and go ahead and buy this.


Link to D-LiQ on Beatport:  https://www.beatport.com/label/d-liq-records/90717


Clips are below:




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