Fighting Fire Charity EP Relief for Australia – Various Artists


Click here to donate & download site and get this full 20 track EP for a minimum $4 donation!!

Monday, Monday, why can’t it be Sunday again!!  This weekend something special was brought to my attention. A HUGE collaboration effort to help our friends in Australia, the Fighting Fire A Charity EP – Relief for Australia 

This is a 20 track EP filled with FIRE TRACKS!!  This EP is really cool cause you have producers from all over chipping in here.  We have three Aussies in the mix as well on this EP; Transforma, Missledz and Embr.  The others are mainly from the EU. I listened to this whole EP and it is really damn good!! You have a very nice mix of every Drum and Bass genre, from Liquidy goodness to that funky Neuro sound. We got rollers and jump up too. The best part…they are asking for a minimum donation of $4 to get ALL 20 TRACKS!! I’m floored that in the 15 or days it has been out they raised $812!  I think if we all rally the DnB community can do a whole lot better then $812 to help our DnB fam down under!!  I think many of us have the minimum donation of $4!!  I know we all spend more then that on tunes all the time…this time $4 gets you 20 fire tracks! Listen to them above…share this article…we can help!

That Transforma track Red Sky…you need to check out!!  This whole EP is great and it is for a great cause…so how about you click the link right under the SoundCloud widget thingy and get yourself this kick ass EP for a minimum donation of $4!! 100% of the donations will go to the Red Cross Australia!

Artists involved in the project include:

Bally & Boom, Creatures, Embr, Equilibr1um, False Relation, Freshney, Handsprime, HD, Incus, Jay Marwaha, Jimi Reborn, KOAX, LoKo, M:FX, missledz, Moose, N-MON1C, Philth, Screamarts, Serpico (Philth & Volatile Cycle), SMP, Sublimit and Transforma.




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