Filip Motovunski – Lava VIP (Bad Taste Recordings)

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Tunes

Filip Motvunski is stirring up the scene with a brilliant display of skills with his debute release on the legendary Bad Taste Recordings. Hailing from Croatia Filip has been into the music community nearly a decade, starting out his early days as a beatmaker and MC Filip progressively evolved over the years to make some seriously hefty breakbeat tunes. He’s played all over Europe and he has no plans of stopping with releases like this one you will be seeing much more of Filip to come! Lets take a look at this hefty release on Bad Taste.

Lava VIP is a return to a recent release which raising numerous support features from various DJ’s across the globe but the VIP just keeps getting better! Lava VIP starts with a soft and echoing vocal sample speaking “fiyya” quickly introducing a stepping percussion pattern with snappy and responsive drums winding up to the vocal hook into a quick and satisfying drop with sharp and bouncing lead synths slowing down time on the dancefloor as the bassline grooves hard and heavy for the duration of the phrase.

This is essential Dj material and can be slipped in nearly every type of set with its versatile sound and massive stepping sound with a quick and catchy vocal. This ones out now on Bad Taste and i highly recomend you give it a listen.


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