Filip Motovunski – Blood Overflow (Bad Taste Recordings)


So this week I have the absolute pleasure of reviewing Fillip Motovunski’s new tune on acclaimed label Bad Taste. First off Filip is from Croatia and has had releases across all the big boy labels including RAM, Bad Taste and Redlight. Supported by all the big names in the scene and with his own mastering company FM Mastering. For me he is one of the best engineers in the scene and a stunning producer. Let’s see if this new release confirms the above!

The tune starts huge already with some lovely resonating percussion which delivers a nice groove for the brass work to come in. This is underpinned by a very tasty distorted brassy bass kinda sound which evolves a bit as we head for a drop. Just before we plunge into the unknown a massive vocal stab hits us square in the face and then the tune is unleashed.

The drop is so gully it hurts! For me this is the tune of 2022 and I’m only 30 seconds in. The sub is beautiful, the mid bass swirls around and the drums are unique and got lots of movement. The kick thumps and the snare is very understated and he mostly uses those resonating percussion to deliver the rhythm. The complexion is really unique which draws me in immediately. The mid bass is frankly disgusting and wet and has great presence without being too limited and horrible. It’s just perfect. There is a more minimal section with some lovely muted bass and drums before we launch into an even crazier drop. I love the creativeness of the sound design and the drum patterning here. It makes you want to dance and that is always the most important part of this type of tune. The groove is breath taking and it feels like you have discovered something new and unheard before.

We enter into the mid break which goes from silence into another lovely build up of brass and drums into a drop, which is similar to the first but again another notch up which really is special. Often producers tend to just repeat, but Fillip has the style and craft to keep taking us to new levels each time. We get another drop later on which goes even crazier but still so dance worthy. The production is mighty, the sound engineering is so on point and the mastering is smooth and listenable even after 4 drops. It blew me away. I’m usually able to find some critical point or something that I thought could have been executed better but there is nothing to say other than to praise the track. I hope it gets the recognition it deserves. It’s up there with the best. The track perfectly illustrates his capabilities whilst maintaining music that could be played in nearly every style of dnb rave aside from deep liquid. Check out and see what you think! An to add to this – please listen on some speakers if you can to get the full vibe because a phone will not do it the justice it deserves!

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