Finalfix x Neolyth – Cerberus [Evolution Chamber]

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Finalfix x Neolyth – Cerberus [Evolution Chamber]

Welcome once again! We have the latest release on Evolution Chamber with a look into the making of Finalfix x Neolyth – Cerberus [Evolution Chamber] and more about the artists! We’ll get to hear about some history about the two artist. They tell more about the detailed backstory that comes with the track, who their influences are and what other artist collaboration tracks they rate.

Q & A with Finalfix x Neolyth

Q: Awesome to see Finalfix and Neolyth on Evolution Chamber. How did the opportunity arise?

Finalfix: We’re very happy to release Cerberus on Evolution Chamber. And to work withsuch great people. James (½ Magnetude) had been asking to send tunes for the label but aside from the big projects I was doing for Blackout and Hanzom at the time. I had some half-assed one-note bassline neuro projects that would not have been a good match for Evolution Chamber. I wanted something conceptual that had a good dose of heaviness but also had the element of storytelling. So when Wayne (Neolyth) and I were working on Cerberus, we decided to pitch it to the team. We were very happy to hear the response!

Neolyth: I think the timing was perfect. Finalfix was asked by EC to submit some tunes and we just happened to be near completion with Cerberus. So we sent it over and got some diamond feedback from James which gave us the final fix to get the tune to its finished state. I have to thank them all personally for being part of this opportunity and am very happy to release with one of my dream labels. I honestly feel that the theme was a match made in heaven (or should I say hell)

Q: Have you both worked together before?

Finalfix: Not really. There was this one time when he was working on this really cool funky melodic drum & bass tune and I got the stems for it but then I failed to finish it. Cerberus was the first one we both took seriously and worked on a lot.

Neolyth: This was our first collaboration but we have been in contact since 2020 after meeting in the IMANU Patreon Discord. Which was a melting pot of new and current artists. We both submitted an entry to an in-house Patreon remix competition which was for fun. And just so happened to like each other’s entries. I am very fond of those times. I look forward to working with Finalfix again.

Q: I really like the back story to this one, it goes epic with the track. How did you come up with it?

Finalfix: Glad you like it! I always wanted to name a tune Cerberus and have the sound represent the mythical creature in an epic way. Neolyth sent me a couple of his projects. One really stood out. The first version of what is now Cerberus, due to its monstrous basses. The time came to work and I already had a clear direction and knew where to take it. All while respecting the existing vibe. And, as mentioned before, James gave us some feedback to help the arrangement of the tune stand out even more. Wayne also loves this storytelling stuff a lot so he had complete freedom to write the matching text story for it. He also made that beautiful outro for the tune. I really love it, it feels like you’ve defeated the creature.

Neolyth: The early version of the track came first and later on in an unrelated discussion. Finalfix said he always wanted to name a tune Cerberus. So I quickly noticed that the bass sounded like a huge howl and was a perfect fit for the tune. Coincidentally, Cerberus is a huge mythical beast which reminded me of Magnetude’s Mantis. Having seen the Reddit AMA by James and Rustam. They revealed a story and theme that fit the 16-bar arrangements for their entire track, Entr’acte. That urged me to write one of our own. And that definitely helped give it some extra direction. I made some composite howls and growls. Much like how the T-Rex from Jurassic Park was formed, to incorporate into the track.

Q: Was there a certain method to writing the track while working together?

Finalfix: I think the important thing we did was to separate each other’s individual input at first. So we had a good mix of each other’s personal unfiltered influence before moving on to the finishing stage. I listened to a few of his projects until something resonated. Then I had my personal input on that which I already resonated with and added my strengths to it. After that, we did some discord calls while working on it together. I streaming from my computer so we both could hear everything live. This whole process allowed us to be more creative and lighthearted during the streaming sessions. Because the foundation was already there, but it also made sure we got things done.

Neolyth: Finalfix reworked the initial sketch I had sent to him. Since I find it’s easier to stay in one DAW rather than render every track and pass entire stems back and forth. I brought the track back into mine as a whole and wrote many more sounds on top. I would then fire the additional stems back to be put into the project file at every pass. We did a few streams to really hone in on the mixdown with two pairs of ears. It was a very harmonious process that allowed us to finish the track in only several passes with no friction between us. I was happy to let sounds that didn’t hit be removed since I was adding hundreds of layers at a time and could really trust Finalfix’s mixing skills which speaks for itself.

Q: What group or artists are your biggest influences in drum and bass?

Finalfix: Noisia, Audio & Billain.

Neolyth: IMANU & ABIS got me into production with their remix of ‘I Saw You’, which was quickly followed by Magnetude, Mefjus, Camo & Krooked and Billain. I’ve referenced their tunes many times and they make up the cornerstone of my influences. I owe my passion and interest to these guys and their insane production levels.

Q: Name 5 collabs you enjoy and why.


– Mefjus & Emperor – Void Main Void: This tune got released a decade ago and sounds better than a lot of the neuro tunes being made today in my opinion. That part where the kick drum comes in a bit late is just genius. Sounds heavy as hell.

– Noisia & Mayhem – Exodus (ft. KRS One): I remember hearing this for the first time and going “wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff”

– Billain & Tasha Baxter – Breach: Talk about originality! Billain does what nobody else does, but better. This track with Tasha Baxter is no exception. Her vocals added so much to the theme. Love it.

– Kemal & Rob Data – Star Trails: Released 24 years ago and still is untouchable.

– Volatile Cycle & Cruk – Bindipper: Absolute monster of a tune. Mean!


– IMANU (fka Signal) & ABIS – I Saw You (Remix); this was the tune that made me want to produce especially because of that crazy B-part in the bass riff. Great vocals.

– Camo & Krooked & Mefjus – Last Jungle; I love what the guys did here, everything from the drums to the switches. Anything by this trio is levels, I’d pick them all if I could.

– Fred V & Hybrid Minds (feat. Lottie Jones) – Faded Blue; all works by Fred V and LJ are just beautiful and astonishing, but this tune with HM is something beyond.

– Burr Oak & Billain – Shinigami; that intro is majestic and the drop goes very hard. Epic.

– Audio & Burr Oak – Rave Machine; such a disgusting bass sound that just chews me up, like sitting lotus position in a washing machine.


Evolution Chamber proudly welcome Finalfix & Neolyth to the label with the release of this triple headed hell hound monster of track. Now available for streaming and purchase here!

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