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by | Jan 31, 2022 | Mixes

How about some red hot mixes to wrap up this chilly month of January and elevate your mood? I have TWO that will spin your week into high gear, one from yours truly and the second from Critical Control Point who has been shaking things up from his home base in Denver, CO.

C.C.P. has been putting in serious work networking with DJs and promoting mixes consistently with his Drum and Bass Proper crew. They just launched their official website, check it out!  Best Drum and Bass always appreciates those pushing the dnb sound worldwide, supporting each other and inspiring others to find their passion in music, too!

In addition the (((dB))) Crew is excited to welcome Critical Control Point to Milwaukee February 11 for the Decibel DnB $howcase featuring local support from HispdChase, Hecubus and Octane Amy as well as MC Spade One on the mic!

We hope you enjoy the mixes and can catch the live show if you’re in the Midwest! DJs interested in submitting a mix for Best Drum and Bass feel free to hit me up anytime!

Critical Control Point Promo Mix 2022


Nuvertal – Anastasia [Program]
Messiah – Black Hole [Fokuz Recordings]
S.P.Y – Alpha Centauri [DARKMTTR Records]
ESKR – Wonder [GrandTheft Audio]
Dub Elements, IHR – Nanoclusters [DEM Recordings]
Disphonia – Snapshot [Hanzom Music]
Transforma – Plagues (Kodin Remix) [Code Smell]
Mob Tactics – Pure X VIP [RAM Records]
Despersion – Starship [Eatbrain]
Esym – Valhalla [Code Smell]
Ripple, Neonlight – Goin’ Hard [Ripple LTD]
Dub Elements, IHR – Phosphorescence [ DEM Recordings]
S.P.Y – Dream Fragments [DARKMTTR Records]
Promenade – Scroll Down (Ripple Remix) [BNC Express]
ESKR – Solstice [GrandTheft Audio]
Rido – Sexy Thing [Blackout Music NL]
2Whales – Blastah Bang feat.CVPELLV [High Resistance]
Tantrum Desire – The Flow [Technique Recordings]
Camo & Krooked x Mefjus – Kallisto [Hospital Records]
Culture Shock – Discotheque [RAM Records]
Sub Focus – Rock It (Wilkinson remix) [RAM Records]
Dimension – Whip Slap II [MTA Records]
Delta Heavy – Heartbeat (Extended Mix) [UKF]
ESKR – My Ugly Sweater [GrandTheft Audio]

Octane Amy Best Drum and Bass Mix January 2022

Ripple – Talking [Ripple Music]
Mizo – Limit Break [Patreon Exclusive]
Mob Tactics – Thumper [RAM Records]
Mob Tactics – Pure X VIP [RAM Records]
NEONLIGHT – Kinski [Blackout]
Outrage – Captive [RAM Records]
Bad Syntax – The Chant Of Kashima (Chris.SU Remix) [Abducted LTD]
Ripple & Neonlight – Goin Hard [Ripple Music]
Dub Elements & IHR – Phosphorescence (Save The Rave Remix) [DEM Recordings]
Georgia Phoenix Express Yourself [DeVice]
Dub Elements & IHR – Nanoclusters (Exclusive) [DEM Recordings]
Bytecode – Kinetic (TR Tactics Remix) [Code Smell]
A-Cray & Symplex – Broken [C4C Limited]
Liveon & Dati – Horsepower [Eatbrain]
Burr Oak- Bestial [Blackout Music NL]
Neonlight – Bad Omen (State Of Mind Remix) [Blackout Music NL]
Agressor Bunx – Time to rock (City Arkham Remix) [Eatbrain]
Symplex & A-Cray – We Want It [C4C Limited]
The Clamps – Terror Machine [Kosenprod]
Mizo – Exhaust [Patreon Exclusive]
FractalOne – Capitalism [Abducted LTD]
SST – Feeling Strange [Boomslang Recordings]
Saxxon – Ping Pong [Boomslang Recordings]
Ed Solo, Bengal – Full Tank [Gorilla Warfare]
Voltage – Bad Boy Selection [RAM Records]
A Sides – Tower [Eastside Records]
DJ Ham – Most Uplifting (Bladerunner Remix) [Dope Ammo Records]
Benny L, Pola & Bryson – Devil (Benny L Remix) [Soulvent Records]

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