Five Fresh & Funky Tunes To Fire Up The Dance

by | Jul 7, 2023 | News, Reviews, Tunes

Summer is here, shows are flowing and the festivals are in full swing. Spirits are high and the crowds are ready to DANCE! This week I’m bringing you a mixed bag of upbeat, energetic tracks to bring some show stopping style into your sets and get the dance floor on the move with these five fresh and funky tunes. Let’s check ‘em out!


From the ‘DeVice Exposed EP’ Joey iLLah delivers the funk and then some with “Funkatech”. A fun melody swings through the build complimented by effects that are out of this world as the drums and sampling thicken in the tune building a bubbly, upbeat mood. Blasting off into the drop wicked basslines growl stretching through the measures with stuttered samples elevating the melodic groove carrying “Funkatech” to new heights, switching and flipping as it heats up the night. A powerful shine with a funky punch “Funkatech” will get the floor flying as they can’t get enough!

Grab your copy of “Funkatech” from Joey iLLah HERE.


Big beats and a nostalgic vibe ride through the build on Iamdoomed’s “Raver” as the mood thickens and the tune breaks powerfully, punching forceful blasts of synth to drive the drop to life. Energy engulfs the mix with booming, blistering basslines rolling and sliding through the phrases with intense passion. Snappy snares ride with flare with stuttered vocal samples volleying to plump up the tune. “Raver” will keep the floor on the move stepping in time with its groovy, blooming drive.

“Raver” is out now from Iamdoomed get it HERE.


Highs tiptoe through the build, sparkling sparsely, enticing the flare as the beat bubbles in thick with a Reggae inspired vocal twist that really goes in! A beastly bounce takes over at the drop as the energy winds non-stop riding high the beats blasting through the phrases as the bassline hops in time. Jam Thieves “Disco 45” will amp the adrenaline as the crowd rushes the stage to bounce and dance away!

Get “Disco 45” from Jam Thieves’ ‘Pink Girl EP’ out now on Technique Recordings. CLICK HERE.


Hot off the ‘Genesis EP’ Hyperlynx is ready to get the room rockin’ with his new track “Poppin”. A smooth build brings strumming strings into the mix with an upbeat melody elevating the intro as horns blast through with a fun and funky groove. The melody winds on with a grip on the dance as it flies into the drop ‘Let’s get it “Poppin” now’… Crunchy, broken beats consume the floor bouncing playfully between a bassline that knows no bounds. The horns carry through “Poppin” in and out of the composition with the perfect boost of warm energy to keep the room in the groove.

Be sure to grab Hyperlyxn’s “Poppin” out now on Beatport or Bandcamp.


A seriously smooth build twinkles to life with pristine highs and deep synths controlling the drive. The vocals slide in swirling through; foreshadowing a fierce fake out as the beat builds in mischievously, winding the tension tighter as “Missing U” storms into the drop. A sneaky, sinister switch manipulates the softness into a secret weapon to steamroll the dance with a colorfully animated punch as a jumpy number barrels in with screaming highs and foot stomping crunch. The vocals weave in and out sweeping the silken samples back into the mix as the relentless beat maintains the energy in every hit. Profit’s “Missing U” is a surefire selection to get the floor to move with its beastly, bouncy mood.

CLICK HERE to get this certified weapon from Profit on Korsakov Music to demolish the dance!

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