Five LA Quarantine Mixes You Need To Hear


The coronavirus is dominating our lives at the moment; yet despite this, artists everywhere are fighting back to bring us music, mixes, and live streams to get us through the hard times. While live streams may be dominating the scene at the moment, mixes are a sturdy and reliable source that should not be ignored. In particular, Los Angeles continues to build its momentum and cement its reputation in the world of drum and bass. Here are five fresh mixes by LA natives to help combat the side-effects of the quarantine.

Revolution 2020 is the first one up, featuring a brand-new artist beginning to make waves on the scene. Mixed by _.catnap._, she weaves a wide array of tunes from across the entire DnB spectrum. As you journey through the mix, you’ll be in awe at the tracks which get blended together.  A keen specialty is her commitment to exposing lesser know tracks that many have not heard or are even aware of. This is a perfect mix for those seeking variety and/or something brand new.

Next up, we have Gabriel Habit and his Pub Mix Vol One. A prominent force in LA DnB for quite some time now, he’s heard here representing the crew known as Big Booty Bass and is well known for laying down the heat in his sets. Habit is king of the bangers; able to lay one down right after another with furious pacing and high energy, yet layering them down with absolute precision. Grab some beers and some snacks for this one as your living room is going to get as rowdy as the wildest bar you’ve ever been to!

Get ready for another massive mix from BBB, as this next one comes from the man known as Konkrete. An irresistible force on the dance-floor, his prowess in sound design and layering when mixing is unmatched. This is a mix that refuses to let up, dropping bass line after bass line at break neck speeds that’ll make your head (and feet) spin. Full of anthemic highs and savage lows, Konkrete’s Spring 2020 mix is an absolutely fire set that you’ll want to blast over and over again.

Those looking to mellow out with some pure liquid vibes need look no further than this HJU Twitch: Feels&Bass Mix by QarlwithaQ. A fluid mix chock full of smooth beats and blissful atmospherics, this is a perfect blend of tracks and his penchant for keeping the flow going is mesmerizing. The entire mix feels like one long song that ebbs and flows, with his transitions sliding in and out undetected. It’s a perfect mix for these trying times, as it will easily lift up anyone’s spirits.

Rounding out this batch of mixes is The Isolation Files Vol. 1 (Rollers Edition) by DJ 2MUCH. This one heavily emphasizes the heavy and hard side of DnB with no hesitation. Whether it’s the edgy bounce of jump-up your craving or blasting foghorn noise, this mix has it all for you in spades. The constant wobble of dark bass lines and hard-hitting snares reveal how elastic the genre is, even when it is at its most furious and high-volume. Check this one out when you want a good kickstart to the day!


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