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As we are still in the month of February in which I consider the month of love, what better Drum and Bass sub style to talk about but Liquid Drum and Bass, or for what some refer to as the smoother side of Drum and Bass.   
FLAT JAZZ, a song by NVRSOFT or Kat; known affectionately by many, is a sexy jazz flare of a song. It starts with a groovy instrumental that leads up to a low driving baseline with tons of funk. There are some audio surprises in this song, all subtly changing the vibe, yet keeping nicely with the melody. While listening, I was immersed back to the 1920’s and the days of flappers and pin-stripe suits. The versatile sound of FLAT JAZZ produces an audio atmosphere that can be enjoyed both relaxing at home or shaking it up on a dance floor. This song can be found on a compilation released a couple week ago by an artist & music collective out of the East Coast called The Gradient Perspective.
I reached out to NVRSOFT to ask what was her motivation for submitting this song for the compilation; she ‘wanted something that would fit the laid back and deeper vibe but stand out on its own;’ and this song does just that. Flat Jazz happens to be one of the first songs that this Artist has produced and as we can hear, she is one to watch in the American Drum and Bass scene. NVRSOFT hails from the east coast; Washington DC, and soon she will be coming out with a new release on Saturate Records she also just became the newest member of Drum and Bass Girls.

Liquid Drum and Bass just happens to be one this bloggers favorite styles of Drum and Bass and I was very happy to have found this tune and meet up with the Artist. Have a listen to Flat Jazz and enjoy the Liquid jazzy vibes of NVRSOFT.


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