Flite – The Cure (Liquicity)

by | Apr 2, 2017 | Tunes

Flying through the liquid Universe, Flite combats his last single from Hospital’s ‘We Are 21’ album with his first full release on Liquicity entitled “The Cure EP”.

The high hats, and synths set roll in which set the perfect base of fluidity before the hook catches your full attention, sung by Flite himself. Gently the creator produces a build that is layered with rising synths and vibrant vocals creating an atmospheric bliss before the  initial drop. It is there we are left with a melting vibe rolling over and over into the original build. Once the track hits full force at 1:06 you’re shot into a galaxy full of colors and euphoria, putting your mind into trance.

The Cure is very well produced and overall a solid liquid tune – it has notes of what Maduk & Feint have been pumping out over seas. This would be one of those tracks that would light up the night sky and send anyone into a mindset of joy, shooting grins from ear to ear all around. Absolutely will be keeping this around especially on the late hot summer nights when it’s time to pump the crowd into over drive.

Flite’s The Cure EP is out now and you can buy Here

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