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You ever listen to a song that just seems to speak to you? Like literally, it’s talking to you and you alone, as if that song was written for you, about you? In this second advance single from her forthcoming album Face Yourself EP, we are delivered our message-in-a-bottle from the raw and soulful flowanastasia in collaboration with a producer with a reputation for flexing on various styles, none other than Nymfo. Sure, this might seem like a somewhat unlikely duo, but those often get some of the best results and this definitely fits into that category. You’ve probably heard flowanastasia’s vocals on a variety of releases in the past year, ranging from high energy dancefloor tunes by the likes of Dossa + Lucuzzed to deeper cuts by GLXY or In:Most. In her new album, flowanastasia is at the reigns and seems to have no qualms when it comes to showing vulnerability.

flowanastasia - "River Flows" cover art by illustrator Vytautas Bikauskas

“River Flows” opens very unassuming in nature with soothing electric piano chords that try to be comforting while hinting at a bit of melancholy. We’re soon accompanied by an infectious shuffling rhythm, and before long the first part of the message is revealed. There’s a slight sense of despair shrouded in an unspoken confidence that everything is alright as flowanastasia flawlessly switches into a beautiful melody, delivering the metaphor that holds the key to the underlying truth. As the current carries us along, expression becomes more raw and convicted, addressing us while on the verge of being unconstrained. Commanding our full attention, we receive yet another part of the story in a more poetic hip hop style with a casual but intentional flow on top of the rolling percussion. Nymfo’s production on the track is the perfect compliment to flowanastasia’s lyrics and vocal performance with very subtle layers that swell up perfectly into the spaces they need to fill.

We’re excited for the full release of the album, due out in just a few short weeks. Make sure you also go check out the lead single “Sending Signals” with producer Tyr Kohout which dropped back in May of this year. With flowanastasia in full creative control, we expect this album, which was created with the support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council. to be an authentic expression of all the joyful imperfections that make us human.




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