Formation Records 2020: Kicking Off 30 Years in the Game


30 years in the game it’s written into the history of this music; Formation Records has been a crucial element in evolving jungle and drum and bass to the present day and continue to prove they are a driving force into the future sound. January 2020 has already been packed with essential releases from Formation Records to fire up the celebration of this milestone in a big way.

The first track to drop this year from Formation is the funky and futuristic single “The Tribes” from Supreme Being. A groovy rhythm and heavy electronic vibes make “The Tribes” upbeat and dance-able to warm up the floor.
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Cemtek’s ‘Terms & Conditions’ EP landed next and is perfect for those in search of deep, heavy rollers pressing forward into new territories of the ‘foghorn’ style. Title track “Terms & Conditions” is an absolute monster on the bassline while “Messing With My Head” featuring Dvotion and label boss DJ SS offers a smooth vocal selection over extra burly bass sticking to the dark rolling theme of this EP with big breaks and a hint of jungle flavor influenced rhythm pulling from every spectrum of drum and bass. The EP wraps up with three more selections each intelligently composed in their own way including “Problems” featuring Grimsey, “Alien Intelligence” and “Critical” proving Formation Records has their focus on innovative sounds pressing forward into new territories of drum and bass.
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Karmasynk delivered a diverse EP with ‘Central Charge’ as Formation Records continued the seamless flow of releases this month. “Illuminate” fosters a dirty bassline and big broken beats while “Bad Intentions” maintains the filth while adding a bit of flare through rhythmic drum patterns and ambient synths flowing nicely into “Central Charge” which is a very clean and technically composted track that really bumps in the mix. “GenX” offers a bit of a lighter selection emphasizing Karmasynk’s diversity in production with a forward thinking frame of mind.
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Wrapping things up for the first month of Formation Record’s 30th year is Simple Simon’s ‘Decisions’ EP. Tracks such as “Decisions” will get the dance floor moving with bouncy, burly with a splash of a vocal sample that hits just right. “Why You Do” will calm and subdue carrying a soothing vocal throughout the track as it melodically rolls along. “Cold Front” is a bit more unique maintaining Simple Simon’s smooth, flowing vibe yet is full of contrast combining an atmospheric vocalization with gritty rhythms sporting a hint of a jungle influence while adding some brutal effects to keep it flavorful for the dance floor. “Shells” amps things up a bit and shows diversity in the style of composition with a dirtier bassline that cleverly flows through the tune amidst the broken beat and insane effects sure to drop jaws on the floor.
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Things are only getting better in drum and bass with immense diversity in releases coming as quick as time moves forward! It’s looking to be a big year for Formation Records as they celebrate 30 years in the game in 2020! We can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

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