Four Irresistible Vocal Selections to Spark Emotion in the Mix


2020 has been a roller coaster worldwide and the only thing that is certain is music is a daily escape for us all. As we anxiously await some sort of normalcy to return to our scene there’s still a plethora of amazing tracks being released by the talented artists in drum and bass and they need your support now more than ever. Check out these recent releases and add some powerful new ballads to your playlist.

Burr Oak “Roots of Evil” [Eatbrain]
Out now on Eatbrain is the tempestuous tale “Roots of Evil”, the title track from the latest release from Burr Oak. A breezy intro builds slowly echoing in on synths in the darkness. The drum line breaks in, heavily influenced by old school jungle sounds, as a powerful verse bursts to life boasting an alternative rock melodramatic vibe. A short, heavy-hearted verse cuts like a knife as the beats break and bend in a very unpredictable composition pulling flavors from all areas of the musical spectrum. Much deeper than your basic drum and bass “Roots of Evil” explodes frantically in a frenzy of neurofunk spilling over into the dirtiest jungle as the composition flips and bends swapping deep, mechanical basslines for massive drops, amen breaks and fills. Extra flare on the second drop makes “Roots of Evil” a track you want to play straight through until the end.
Grab your copy of “Roots of Evil” now from Burr Oak on Eatbrain.

Tantrum Desire Featuring Marianna Ray “Be Careful” [Technique Recordings]
Floating in featherlike “Be Careful” is wispy and whimsical. Marianna Ray cuts in with a dynamic verse, poignant and passionate, delivering a harrowing message with delicacy. The build continues cinematically orchestrated with synthisized sounds over intent kicks gripping the emotional intensity as we dive into the drop. The vocalizations carry, chopped and manipulated, transcending over heavy layering of the deepest bass that engulfs the soul as resonating with the rhythm. A fresh verse to accompany the breakdown captivates once more, the enchantment in Marianna Ray’s voice is inescapable to evoking emotion. “Be Careful” is another fascinating composition from the masterful mind of Tantrum Desire, a new anthem and instant classic for 2020. Grab your copy now out on Technique Recordings.

BTK “Alive” [Dutty Audio]
An arpeggio of synths bring “Alive” to life as the vocal kicks in the beat swelling, broken and groovy riding the wave of emotion flowing from this spiritual serenade. Slick effects riding in the background hint toward a jungle vibe as we enter a snappy break with electrifying basslines that pulsate; twisting and building they cut to a rabid bridge before the drop. Tribal and severed the rhythm kicks spaciously, dark and technical with a funky flare carrying that divine bassline. The fervent stanza reappears driving with passion and fury, an irresistible seduction with an enticing message and a smooth, masculine tone as the keys rise and fall softly in the distance to hypnotize the mind. “Alive” is a necessary addition to the vocal crate and check out the flip “Cataclysm” as well. Both are available now from Dutty Audio.

The Prototypes “Paradise” Featuring Elle Exxe (Audio Remix) [The Prototypes]
When Audio gets his hands on a remix you know it’s going to be killer and teaming up with The Prototypes to refit “Paradise” with Elle Exxe’s tantalizing tongue is an absolute massacre. Audio absolutely overhauls this mid tempo dance track transforming it into a beautiful beast of amped up banging neurofunk madness. Tension in the intro creates an overwhelming build as Elle Exxe’s powerful pipes beautifully blast in, swaying harmonically enslaving the attention as Audio cuts and chops the stems stirring up the energy to the ultimate levels. Heavy AF at the drop the tempo is increased from the original supplying heavy neurofunk basslines swarming between breakneck beats bending frantically at every measure. Slices of vocal stems dance in and out extending harmony through the mix. Audio’s remix of “Paradise” is one to hold on to, sure to smash in that first set back. Grab your copy now from The Prototypes. 

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