Four Must Have Releases to Spark up Your Sets


This week we’re taking a look at some of the most ferocious releases to hit the drum and bass scene in 2020 so far; all stellar selections to amp up the energy in the room and get the dance floor moving mechanically!

Magnetude ‘Falling’ [Evolution Chamber]

This smashing single that just landed from Magnetude is one that should not be missed! A beautifully intense vocal on the intro builds upon soft keys as the vibe abruptly twists into something sinister with a brutal build to the drop. Mechanical and menacing ‘Falling’ is relentless in nature with heavy snares and beefy neuro basslines. A high tech influence is evident in this composition from Magentude that bounces around on dirty bass with insane effects that engulf in an intense battle for the spotlight. “Falling” is sure to make the floor bounce in every direction don’t sleep on this killer track from Magentude that’s available now.

Get your copy of Magnetude’s “Falling” here.

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Sinister Souls ‘Pleasure of Pain EP’ [Othercide Records]

Sinister Souls has delivered an absolutely brutal four track EP that is available now on Othercide Records. Include on this EP are tracks like “Pleasure of Pain” which builds into an insane composition of powerful beats accompanied by electrifying enhancements that pulls elements of other genres into this track and really gives it the ‘heavy metal’ of drum and bass vibe. “Eat Brains” bounces in on a dirty rhythm and carries a futuristic intergalactic battle vibe through the drop. Dirty basslines full of filth are contrasted nicely with high end effects and funky breaks full of flair. A powerful verse from MC Kryptomedic accentuates the bloodthirsty emotion Sinister Souls brings with “1000 Lives”; the vocal flows like wild fire over sadistic snares and ruthless basslines pulling everything together for a top track full of energy to connect with the crowd. Wrapping up the EP with “Flawless” we hear unique artistry from Sinister Souls as the tune builds upon peculiar synths and percussive elements dropping into an eccentric blend of insane neurofunk with strong dance floor vibes. Upbeat and bouncy “Flawless” is a stealthy sneak attack track when you’re ready to wipe the floor; the energy levels are through the roof on this one! The ‘Pleasure of Pain’ EP is fully stacked with intense dnb vibes available now to step up your sets.

Grab the ‘Pleasure of Pain EP’ here.

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Mob Tactics ‘Eject EP’ [RAM Records]

Consistently delivering top quality tunes Mob Tactics produce some of the hottest tracks in drum and bass and the ‘Eject EP’ is no exception to this rule! Tracks like “Eject” and “Clipped” powerfully pound the heaviest of neurofunk vibes with ultimate energy and super solid production. “Bulldozer” boasts a unique blend of modern basslines booming between elegantly enhanced jungle elements to perfectly twist the classic vibes into something fresh. The bass drops in the breaks are out of this world!! “Thumper” is nothing less than a high energy track set to speed up the dance floor into high gear. If you’re looking to get the crowd jumping the ‘Eject EP’ from Mob Tactics is your best bet for 2020 drum and bass.

Pick up your copy of the ‘Eject EP’ now.

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Burr Oak ‘Hawkeye EP’ [Eatbrain]

Burr Oak is one to watch this year as they continue to push the boundaries in drum and bass and the ‘Hawkeye EP’ freshly delivered by Eatbrain is full of catalyst curiosities that make us all wonder what Burr Oak is going to do next. “Hawkeye” kicks off with a twangy build over a mysterious melody that almost makes you wonder if you pushed play on the right track. The drops quickly confirms this is something extra intense as dubby basslines and brutal beats take over while maintaining the wild west vibe that kicked off the track. Selections such as “Boeh”, “Rubber” and “Twinkle Toes” all pull interesting elements into the compositions while maintaining the heaviest neurofunk vibe. Check out some of the immense breaks and the way they manipulate the measures to contribute new and exciting ideas transforming the way we look at music moving forward. Jenna Evans lends a stunning vocal on “Soul Searching” with a soft delivery drifting through the intro though the message carries intense emotion to match the brutality at the drop. Deep and dubby “Soul Searching” is a beautifully monstrous track patiently working the contrast in the vocal with the murky, dutty vibe to perfectly pair the darkness with the light. “Do Androids Dream” is no doubt the most fluid track from the ‘Hawkeye EP’ but even the softer side of Burr Oak is dastardly and dark. Low growling basslines warp and bend electrifying new life into the dance floor with intense breaks and atmospheric synths twisting throughout that make “Do Androids Dream” something from another dimension. Don’t miss out on these ingenious accomplishments from Burr Oak as they pioneer new territories in drum and bass.

Add the ‘Hawkeye EP’ to your collection here.
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