Fourward ‘Dangerous Waste Product/Sound of the Underground’ [Eatbrain]

by | Oct 21, 2022 | Reviews, Tunes

Eatbrain is mechanically murdering the scene, stacking playlists with a non-stop supply of the most necessary neurofunk week after week, a true staple in DNB. Taking a look at the latest out today from Fourward with a two track stomper “Dangerous Waste Product” and “Sound of the Underground”, some of the most technically and creatively developed tracks we’ve seen this year.


Eerie effects shiver through the build as a monster force awakens, rising to life, pulsing with impending doom. The rhythm rages relentlessly as the composition climbs on while the lows hum with synthesized harmonies hiding in the shadows sending chills through your bones. Insanity is about to ensue as the vocal stutters to life ‘da… dan… dang… dange… DANGEROUS WASTE PRODUCT’. POW!!! The drop dives into an onslaught of stabby beats that pulverize the mix alongside basslines that blast utter filth spewing a groove of their own all over the floor. Snippets of the vocal cut pop in with precision amidst wicked breaks in the beats that punch with power throughout the track and the thick atmospheric elements add serious oomph bulking it up even more. The break offers a breath of air as sinister vocal samples twist fear into the mix building intense anticipation for the second half. A dangerous delay pummels the crowd once more, back on the prowl as it pops right back into its furious force. Fourward’s “Dangerous Waste Product” is a manically, masterful tune.


Supernatural sounds engulf the intro as a melody bubbles to life. A funky rhythm formulates staggering vocals into the beats, breaking with booming basslines that boost the build snapping into a superiorly nasty drop. The track twists and turns with exotic energy as the rhythm flows and the bass billows beckoning the floor to a buoyant beating that will leave them yearning for more. The breakdown leaves no room to breathe as intense riffs ravage the scene, rebuilding into the beastly, booming banger that will maul the floor once more. Fourward’s “Sound of the Underground” is utterly unique, full of style and sophisticated sound it’s completely on point for a peak track in the mix.

Get your copy of Fourward’s “Dangerous Waste Product” and “Sound of the Underground” out NOW on Eatbrain. CLICK HERE


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