Fourward Ft Jakes – Bite The Dust (Prolix Remix) [Shogun Audio]

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Tunes

One of the most exciting names in Neurofunk steps up to remix duties on the new Fourward Expansion Remix EP: Prolix. Shogun Audio assembles an all star cast on four featured remixes. My pick of the litter? “Bite The Dust ft Jakes (Prolix Remix)”. Prolix takes an already impactful dance floor selection and takes it to new heights in his signature bone breaking style.

The intro opens with an anime type sci-fi soundscape. Quickly, you’re dropped into a hip hop section with jakes masterful flow and vibe creating the foundation for the rest of the tune. Jakes voice echo’s out as the background pads stall. Synth stabs compliment the build as your propelled into the first dance section. Scattered drums attack the listener from all directions. Prolix’s use of unconventional drum arrangement is a refreshing take on the effect. Later, you’re presented with a groovy 2 step section with a pinging synth. A metallic mid range layer whips in and out to give the section movement and dimension.

Prolix stands as one of my favorite producers. The originality of his bass patches are unparalleled and devastatingly effective. His “all killer no filler” release history makes him a name Dj’s and listeners can depend on time and time again. Make sure you check out the full Expansion Remix Ep on Shogun Audio before you load out for your next gig. Your audience will thank you.

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