Fractale – Axis [The Dreamers]

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Tunes

One of the things that I have always loved about drum and bass is that it not only just seemed to make sense to me, but it has also always been a form of music that is always growing, changing and morphing. It has been an ever changing living form of music with thousands of us pushing it as far as it cam go. Some of those folks pushing the boundaries at the moment are the fine folks at The Dreamers recordings. Based out of Turin, Italy this label is emerging as one of the new labels to watch and while they are doing it, they are challenging what we call drum and bass.

With their ninth release, they are featuring the music of Fractale and offering us two hybrid tracks of modern drum and bass. With previous releases on Ram and Vandal “Listen” is a half step, hip hop influenced track, lead by a bouncy, gritty bass. The other track, “Axis” is a deep and moody track with see-saw synth stabs and a combination of break beats and fills creating a sonic mural that offers a fresh new view for all of us to enjoy.

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