FractalOne ‘Capitalism/Power’ [Abducted LTD]


Its release day on Abducted LTD and FractalOne is bringing the heat with this slamming two track beast overflowing with the most brutal neurofunk power to annihilate the scene in the most savage way. Earlier this year we caught the single “True Violence” on Abducted’s HIVE 2021 release and this time is just as merciless as FractalOne brings “Capitalism” and “Power” to the dnb scene.

A dark, mechanical vibe brings the “Capitalism” machine to life groaning on through evil atmospherics as beat awakens and the intensity skyrockets through the build. The tension is high as the drop flips into a high energy composition of crazy neurofunk madness with upbeat energy and ‘in your face’ attitude. Rabid beats run through the measures pounding relentlessly. The phrases flip intertwining synthesized melodies that spin and soar amidst the carnage as the bassline beats brutally beneath. The second drop brings an even bigger bang with a deadly delay and massive neck breaking energy with creative variety that just doesn’t quit. FractalOne delivers smart sound design and abundant animation balanced in creative composition and tonal range.

“Power” packs a potent punch as sinister synths stalk the build on rough and ridged highs with an eerie essence festering in the distance. A brisk blast kicks the rhythm into high gear with bubbling beats setting the pace in an anxious symphony of dynamic neurofunk design. The bassline cuts the composition halting the hunt as it resonates its own revenge slicing and dicing the final phase of the build as it bounces and slingshots through the drop. A quick vocal cuts sets it up slamming straight into another dimension with no holds barred. Rubbery basslines control the composition slamming and winding through the measures as the snare snaps furiously with colorful flavor shredding through the phrases with murderous magnificence. Electrifying effects emulate while the breaks flip and thrash the floor to bits. Full, thick, and intelligently designed with technical brilliance FractalOne’s “Power” is a forceful and ferocious to dominate the mix in the most savage way.

Grab your copy of “Capatilism” and “Power” from FractalOne out today from Abducted LTD on BANDCAMP 

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