Frankee – Skuttle [RAM RECORDS]

by | Aug 12, 2017 | Tunes

Frankee delivers a fresh surprise on Ram Records once more! Frankee is one of the most prolific and diverse sounds coming out of the english camp at the moment. Its always hard to track down a tune in the club you’ve been hearing for a while and put a name to it. In the case of Frankee that logic stays true. Always innovating and never taken the mainstream path. Lets dive into to his latest contribution entitled “Skuttle” an exploration of sonic wizardy like nothing you’ve heard before in its class.

Starting off with eerie and mysterious tones bringing in an atmosphere of darkness Skuttle forms its way into the intro bringing heavy tension before a brief moment of silence. Skuttle drops into a heavily arpeggiated double lead winding up tension before the drop. Skuttle drops heavily into an onslaught of fiercely programmed kicks and heavy percussive sounds as winding and electrifying leads fill in the gaps of sound. This one is sure to stir things up on the dancefloor with its unique composition and rich sound design.

All in all this is yet an another notch in Frankees belt with its dancefloor capabilities. One does not simply predict the style of a Frankee release. You just have to hear it when it comes….

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