Fre4knc and Klinical – The Shaman


Keep your scalp on!! “The Shaman” by Fre4knc and Klinical has arrived, and it has all the ingredients to blow a mind straight into the stratosphere.

Fre4knc has long been a master of the deep and dark, giving us a plethora of releases on Invisible Records, Flexout Audio, Dispatch Records, and more. Capable of delivering powerful jungle style work-outs to brooding deep and dark rollers that take you by surprise, a common theme for his output is “expect the unexpected.” Klinical, on the other hand, is a relatively newer name but with a recent string of releases that have quickly established his name as a premier minimal DnB talent. His latest EP, Around Me, has been a massive success with support from the likes of Alix Perez and Kasra, amongst many others. Coming together for a track, no wonder it’s a tour de force of weird sounds, grave robbing basslines, and intense vibes.

Starting with a click-y cymbal track and spooky vocals, it builds and escalates until the beat kicks in. Here we are greeted with an expertly crafted minimal beat, replete with stabs of distortion that quickly changes pace as everything starts blending together. Its subtle and simple, but an excellent example of how minimal uses the slightest elements to create unique layers of sound. Driving forward with everything now out in the open, every beat seems to introduce something radically new. With the inspiration for the album being an ayahuasca trip, this only serves to reinforce the psychedelic journey these two producers take us on.

The surreal vocals and piercing noises dominate the ambient section, giving the effect of a shaman guiding your trip… an unknown location where anything could happen. Bringing the deep bass and thick snare back, the stabs of weird noises and distortion become ever more common, further heightening this musical journey. Continuing unabated until the song abruptly ends, all your left with is the afterglow of a strange journey filled with fervid experiences.

This is a landmark track that perfectly balances the unique eccentricities of these two artists into a seriously banging track that will trip you out and make you dance at the same time. Highly recommended you add this to your collection the second you can!


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