Freeze ‘Dangerous EP’ [Liondub International]


The latest from Freeze comes in a rather dangerous EP, quite fitting for the title as VOL048 in Liondub’s Street Series of releases that has spanned a variety of talented artists across the drum and bass spectrum. Now it’s Freeze’s turn to step up to the plate and he’s knocked it out of the park with this thick stack of sic tracks bursting with fresh jungle and intense roller vibes to blast the bass bins to pieces.

Extended atmospheric synths spread under a light beat swelling to increase the pace as a quick vocal flips “Abyss” into a deep, thick, grinding roller. A sharp kick-snare beat rides steady over a bellowing bassline broken between thick growls roaring from the darkest depths. Freeze adds an extra spark with slick rolls on the low ends that send it tumbling deeper into the abyss ready to bash the floor to bits.

“Touch Me” takes a place in my personal top tracks of 2020 I simply can’t get this in the mix enough. Setting it off with a steady rhythm Freeze concocts an alluring blend balancing a vocal snippet echoing within the beat spiraling toward the dangerous drop. Deep kettles dip and tumble with powerful reverb as short foghorns spit through in short, growly bursts scattered through the tune as the vocal continues to intermingle and resonate with the beat. “Touch Me” is danceable, groovy and FUN and the wobbly bassline tips this one over the edge into the danger zone!! Stick around for the second drop because it will blow you away. “Touch Me” is an absolute dance floor killer from Freeze.

A new aged roller showered with a dose of reggae jungle vibes “Different Style” has a little something for everyone on the dance floor. A vocalization hums over a reggae beat to kick this track into high gear. Short bursts of bass pound at the drop, alternating between long growls and heavy breaks with an extra thick composition on the beat accenting that wicked jungle vibe. Pinching and pulling different elements of sound, incorporating vibes from various sub genres of drum and bass Freeze truly exhibits a different style pushing the boundaries every way possible on the ‘Dangerous EP’.

Masterful composition paired with feel good jungle vibes makes “With You” shine on the ‘Dangerous EP’ from Freeze. Unrolling with a heavy jungle beat to make hearts race as it steadily pounds to the drop “With You” carries a soul warming vocalization to engulf the crowd as the bass blasts through. A harmonious blend between darkness and light balances the different elements in this track to create a beautiful beast; the lows stretching, cascading, expanding and exploding amidst euphoric keys, raging percussion and symbiotic effects makes “With You” intense jungle terror securing a spot in the playlists of DJs worldwide.

“Socialite” slides in on a breezy intro soon twisted with a hard, clean beat as the wind up to the drop ensues. Thick, dark, deep bass sinks through the octaves as the rhythm flows through. Freeze’s longer compositions provide ample space for variety in the track and he combines well thought out hefty measures manipulating pieces ever so slightly to broaden the spectrum of sounds in the mix. A meditative work of art “Socialite” will get the crowd swaying and shaking with the beats and the bass.

A climatic mind bending intro on “Sound Clash” with B2R fades in and out aggressively playing upon creatively designed synthesized sounds and vocalizations that echo and spin as the bass blasts through creating tension in the build. The drop is full of upbeat heavy rhythms over twisting basslines that tumble and wind. High frequency fx kick in increasing the energy over that menacing bassline. The highs climb and the lows drop pulling every which way creating contrast in the mix making “Sound Clash” overflow, bursting at the seams.

Wrapping up the ‘Dangerous EP’ from Freeze there’s not much left to say but “WoH”. Every track on this release is produced with precision and this one is no exception to that rule. Leading in on a sneaky, mysterious vibe a menacing rhythm builds to open the gates for the most lethal bass. Stretching deep and dangerous this is a solid example of absolutely bonkers bass design as “WoH” switches and flows to amplify the sounds adding extra flare as those bass bellows blow low, low, low.

All in all the ‘Dangerous EP’ from Freeze is a solid set of tracks full of jungle and rolling vibes that will satisfy the dance floor and shake up the darker, dirtier DJ sets. Link to buy.




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