Friction ‘Disconnected EP’ [Elevate Records]


‘Disconnected’ from Friction has landed and it’s quite an impressive EP from the Brighton based DJ and producer who is highly recognized in the scene with his aggressive live sets and constant flow of top shelf tunes spanning many of the biggest labels in drum and bass. Mastermind behind Shogun Audio and now Elevate Records Friction is constantly making moves in DnB as well as touring the globe headlining massive events. His debut album ‘Connections’ released last year with instant classics like “Forever Dub” ft. Kiki Bun and smooth serenades to sooth the dance floor as heard in “Commotion” ft. Jem Cooke.  Following the success of the LP ‘Disconnected’ is primed to make waves stacked with four tracks full of beastly bass and futuristic vibes. This is a pleasing darker contrast to the distinctive vocal driven dance floor anthems we are accustomed to from Friction, showing diversity and growth as an artist as he dives deep into more curious avenues of drum and bass.

Kicking things off in a big way is “Lost It Mode” Ft. Lingustics; an angry anthem summoning the darkest demons within to let loose and come out to play. Lingustics lends a strong verse flowing rhythmically straight to the drop which no doubt will stir up the dance floor and spin it out of control. Deep filthy basslines bound beneath upbeat broken beats unleashing a darker side of Friction’s vision for drum and bass yet maintaining a strong dance floor vibe.

Music House” takes us to the exotic side of drum and bass easing in with an unmistakable jungle influence it’s calm and soothing as the highs dance through the tranquility. A soft pair of vocal samples blends beautifully to create just the right the mood to slingshot the energy to new levels in preparation for the astounding powerhouse drop that will absolutely blow your mind.  Stacked with grimy hybrid basslines switching and changing as the beat flows it carries the subtle jungle vibe throughout the tune. Friction is taking us to the darkest depths of jungle and drum and bass music with “Music House” combining cutting edge components of darker neurofunk with classic jungle sounds. This is a must have to daze the dance floor and leave them wanting more.

The Future” w/Turno is deviant drum and bass from another dimension as these two top producers make a mean team. An absolute monster of a track the intro is curious as it builds rapidly to an aggressive drop with a clear message: ‘This is the Future’. A crisp, clean beat leaves the spotlight to the mystifying basslines which growl eccentrically between the deepest anomalous booms. With infinite possibilities in ever evolving drum and bass music “The Future” is a twisted tune that leaves us craving more of these vicious collaborations.

Wrapping up the ‘Disconnected EP’ with an edgy dancefloor banger “Splurge” is bursting with energy from the first beat. Snapping in with suspenseful high end keys the pace quickly elevates and we’re jumping again with funky, bouncy basslines skiping eagerly between breaks and rolls escalating the excitement to new levels. A complex tune that fits just about anywhere in the mix it’s a sure selection for the 2019 collection.

‘Disconnected’ EP is a look into the darker side of Friction’s skillful production with a strong focus on intriguing basslines, techy futuristic samples and precise clean drums. Showing evolution and maturity in his style these are 4 solid tunes to expand your library and transform your sets in a ferocious fashion.

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