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Hello everyone! Monday, bloody Monday…again! I hope everyone had a great weekend full of shenanigans! Well this week I found something different I wanted to bring attention too. I found this really nice LP that is filled with a great variety of tunes. Its called the Friendship LP Vol. 1 and it’s out on Your So Deep Records. This is a 15 track LP made by 19 different artists, only 2 tracks feature more then a single artist so that means 13 tracks made by 13 different single producers. Another reason I was drawn to this LP is if you buy the whole LP its only $12. That is less then $1 a track so it’s a smashing deal considering what all you get in this LP.
What also grabbed me about the Friendship LP Vol. 1 is that you get a nice variety as well. Out of the 15 tracks I would say about 8 of them are really deep and soulful Liquid tracks. The rest are straight Drum and Bass, so as I said before it brings a solid mix of tunes. Many of these tracks are so soulful and they incorporate so many different elements throughout the 15 tracks. I found some funky jazzy tracks with really nice use of brass in them. They have some smooth, sexy, soulful liquid that just resonates with that deep bass they used. We have a roller or two hidden within and a few solid Drum and Bass tracks all in this LP. Some of them have this old school feel to them while others bring some new flavor. Some tracks are begging to have something hard mixed into them, some you just want to let ride.
The list of artists is broad as well; Epsilonite, Whalespruce, FADING SHADES, Toaster, ParaDigitz, Skorp, Glacier & Saharaksha, MindHead, Dent & Mato, Stearoluck, Tantalum, TOYFON, Grinder, Noxen, Deontriq, Tuno and Mastedix.
I don’t want to describe every track on this LP as i normally do for you. It is such a nice mix of tracks I want you guys to go listen to it for yourselves and make a judgement without bias.
Over all I feel this was a good find and well done on the selection to You So Deep Records. I stumbled onto this early last week and when I went back to grab some links for everyone yesterday (Sunday) I noticed Beatport marked it as Exclusive so go check it out before everyone else finds it. You will hear many of these tracks in podcasts and live shows, so give the original tracks listen before DJs start mixing them all up.

You So Deep Records SoundCloud

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