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FX909 is an artist that needs little introduction, however the influence of the imprint(s) and history sets up this release really well for me. As a techno DJ in the early days of his career, Alex (FX909) has had a long love for minimalism, and the clarity in tone that it provides – I hear so much techno influence in his Drum and Bass as well, and if you go back and listen to the original liquid heart you might agree that the forward and dry tone of the drums in the mix really allows the musical atmosphere to shimmer. The use of space and big open drops allow the listener to notice the subtle changes FX909 uses to drive these compositions.

This remix album further showcases FX909’s appreciation for the deeply emotional and expressive approach to liquid funk, exploring a wide variety of styles that let the artists on this album show up with their unique ideas. This remix album features longtime collaborators and fresh faces alike, as well as familiar names from various FX909 imprints. It’s so easy to get lost in the layers and styles when listening through this one, and I have absolutely fit a lot of these into my sets recently.

Lets get into the track by track:

Golden Age (Smote Remix): A wild set of acoustic drums accompany a lush, progressive and meditative accompaniment, driven by piano. The understated backgrounds and builds contrast a snappy groove, but you have to check out this midsection. Amazing.

Without a Name (DA TU Remix): This remix flips the original on its head in many ways but highlights the vocals, creating a moody, darker texture to the song. Pitched down, shuffle-y grooves drive the sweeping reese bassline in this one – it goes deep.

Liquid Heart (Stunna Remix): Stunna takes us on a journey once again, building on the original’s guitar and lush atmospherics with an electro drum set and dub-y bassline. Add some amazing foley work and this one fits into every kind of set. This composition is a distinct and futuristic take on the original who’s countermelodies get stuck in your head. Worthy of the title track!

In My Head (Dan Guidance Remix): Straight roller; delicious bass that stops at the perfect moment to create an overarching groove that lasts through the whole tune. Some distinctly clean drums that feature jungle sounds and a panned percussion build setup phrasing easily for DJs, and allow dancers to dig into the changes. I love hearing the major/minor tonality playing off of one another in this one; its bluesy, and has a groove that’s addictive.

La Marquise (Drum Origins Remix): This is cinematic if the movie was post apocalyptic. Going dark on this dripping, groovy anthem, Drum Origins paints a picture of “La Marquise” that is foggy and amorphous, but intense. Reminiscent of the original mostly in the vocal sample featured, this remix has a unique vibe and picturesque sound – its combination of individual elements makes it fit well into deep sets, dark sets, liquid sets, neuro sets, whatever. I’m just excited to play it.

Mi Bella Desconocida (Dash Remix): Smooth and sultry right from the beginning, this tune rolls on and on to create the perfect vibe out for a summery jam, sunset dancing and cocktails vibe, as well as an introspective soul set. Perfectly attuned to the original’s vocal sample, I love the use of different instrumentation to highlight the original’s tonality in this fresh remix.

About Music (Insideman Remix): Insideman’s take on this one is really interesting – opting for almost an autonomic sound, the artist smooths out the bassline to create what feels like a wide open space for the listener. In this space is filled with minute details in the stereo layers, sneaky percussion hits, and an accompaniment that pushes tension until it’s VERY noticeable, before releasing into the equally smooth rinse.

Leave This Planet (Twintone Remix): The original is one of the standouts on the album, featuring a unique spacey vibe with more familiar techno plucks and almost acid-303 sounds. This remix is no exception – borrowing conceptually from the original, Twintone keeps the vibe spaced out, tightens up the percussion and takes you on a celestial journey.

Confusion (MSDOS Remix): Banger alert! MSDOS brings absolute chunk to this remix that gets me bobbing every single time. Classic technique from this artist, tickling the ear with lush stereo and an insistent groove that transports you to the shore. Another one off of this album I get excited to fit into my sets – fits in with the deep stuff, the jump up, the jungle, it’s so good! Pullllll uppppppp!

Two Little Birds (Impression): This discerning, beautiful remix by Impression expands on the original’s vocals and intriguing sound design, adding signature dreamy textures and spacious drops. This one plays out with cinematic vistas and and the vocals soar over a bassline that shows some restraint, teasing the listener into a big resolution. Listen or drop in a set of liquid funk, this one is great.

Bring it Back To Me (Echomatics Remix): Subtle changes amongst a deep and undulating groove lace this remix with intrigue, leaning heavily on the back beat and ride to finish out the phrase. Echomatics flexes his sound design chops once again, bringing liquid funk into 2024 with a bang. Ghostly vocals and layers trade throughout this driving and progressive tune.

Bob & I (Citra Remix): Citra returns to add another banger to the mix, with a remix that’s hard to explain at first. This tune has an incredible groove that is smooth, but changes and hits in different ways along the phrase that are intriguing and rhythmically very interesting. The bassline starts smoothed out but pulsating, perhaps the first to chop up into a more percussive and syncopated groove, followed by other elements taking the forefront one by one, splashier and more insistent once Citra finds the syncopation, finally resolving to the midsection with the whole piano bit. Great orchestration and composition here.

Searching (Shodan Remix): Strap your boots on for this one! Trading between a stomping stepping rhythm and a classic DnB broken beat, this one goes all over the place. Flexing modern sound design and lots of fun sounds in this one, Shodan takes the original and turns it into a dance floor slammer with ins-and-outs for every consumer. A fitting closer to an awesome remix album.

This collection of artists are truly all-star producers, and this remix album showcases the various FX909 imprints extremely well. I would encourage any fan of DnB to fall down the FX909 rabbit hole and explore everything that network has to offer. This remix album is an amazing showcase of these individuals styles and talents, from an imprint that encourages creative control on the artist – I was fortunate enough to preview a few of these on early promo and haven’t stopped playing them now that they are out!

Socials are linked in the track by track, and purchase this absolutely massive remix album (On Juno exclusive until Friday) here and then on all other reputable platforms for purchase June 22nd.

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