Getting Abducted With The Next Generation Of Drum & Bass

by | Dec 7, 2017 | Spotlight, Tunes

Just like Jump Up and the ever expanding list of subject-able genres of Drum And Bass, Jungle music. Sounds like Neurofunk and Techstep have their own cult following. It’s like someone heard Calyx’s and Teebee’s “Anatomy” album from 2007 and said “Let’s make this sound forever”. The 3rd generation showcases the latest bits from the Abducted LTD‘s all-star lineup and I believe it is my job to present them to you.

Alleycat By Bizarro – NextGenV3
4mulate By Sideless – NextGenV3
Stardust By KS & Hamn – NextGenV3
A World Like Ours by Avoider – NextGenV3

The business behind Techy Rollers is tricky, Abducted’s hot button 4mulate aims to deliver. Dark and evil synths and snares that pack a punch, rolling from the drop “Sideless” is an instant cart so bag this one up with the beatport code boys and girls. Hanm and KS take us through time and space with keys, erie pads, big drum and pulsating tear your face off bass audio production. Avoider and Bizarro can also be seen on Abducted LTD’s 9 track LP.

Chasm By Stomp – NextGenV3
Typhon By Velos – NextGenV3

Have you heard of MarsPluto my god, Symbiote is serious drum and bass business. That real sounding drum kit has me feeling some type of way. Sephiroth’s notion to society is apparent with their heavy duty roller added to the compilation album. If Techstep is your niche Daitek has you covered. Stomp’s “Chasm” takes us back to the “longer than a minute intro” days and is just straight murky Drum And Bass. Velo’s tune “Typhon” is all killer no filler, there couldn’t possibly be any room for anything more. I rate this release highly, do you? Leave your comments and criticisms down below!

F Society By Sephiroth – NextGenV3
Red Shift By Daitek – NextGenV3
Symbiote By MarsPluto – NextGenV3

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