Getting to know L Plus! + Hideout LP Sampler!

by | Sep 3, 2016 | Spotlight

We sit down with Technique Recording’s artist L Plus to get to know more about himself and his music. With his Hideout LP on the way and “Avenger” a futuristic dancefloor tune out now L Plus has been consistently making high quality drum and bass with laser sharp skills for sometime now. Lets drop in to the interview for an in depth look at L Plus and what he has going on.

Where did you get your name from?
I don’t really know 😀 Everyone calls me Larry and when I started to play vinyls on gigs I was DJ Larry. But when I wanted to release my 1st piece in UK – it was Moving Shadow – they signed my tune and asked for my artist name and I told them I’m Larry, they were just laughing. They were probably few Larrys on the scene, for example Calyx. So they recommend to change my name. So I kept L from Larry and added PLUS but don’t ask me why, pls. I don’t know 😀

Who is your favorite non-dnb artist?
I really like Madeon, Knife Party and Chromeo and more. These artists can drives me crazy when listening on car stereo!

What was your first experience with Drum and Bass like?
My friends were listening to FM4 show in 1998 and It was truly love at first sight. In 2 weeks I downloaded Fasttracker 2 and started to produce own beats. Then we started to buy vinyls in Vienna and really quickly we became a regular part of the basements of pretty young DNB scene in Slovakia.

Talk about your recent release / upcoming album?
There are 3 tunes already out of my album HIDEOUT and you can hear some slight change of the sound I think. I really like neuro tunes but still love tunes with unique original sound. As I really love DJing, I wanted to make all my tunes on the album very usable for my DJ sets. Every single tune on the album was many times tested on humans on my gigs so I can make the best composition and sound for the best result. Because the music is my HIDEOUT.

What is your biggest non music influence?
My girl, sport and movies. That are the coolest positive endorphines for my brain.

Who are your top 5 current Drum and Bass artists?
Mefjus, Tantrum Desire, Mind Vortex, The Prototypes and Drumsound & Bassline Smith. Always full recordbag of these guys. And always bangers.

If you could collab with any artist, of any genre / style, who would it be and why?
Justin Timberlake

Take a listen to “Avenger” a tune that brings whip lashing energy to the dancefloor featuring a hard acidic main lead and proper percussion which will set off on any dancefloor around the globe.

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