Gigan – Invisible EP – Dirtbox Recordings – DRTBX040

by | Jul 6, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

How are we doing beautiful people?

Got a new release to discuss with you today on the mighty Dirtbox Recordings.  This one is a 5 track EP from US producer Gigan.  Really been looking forward to getting this article out to you and even more excited for you all to have a chance to get your hands on this and hear it for yourselves.

First track on the EP is Get Low which start with a nice creepy atmospheric intro which has almost an alarm sound in warning you that this track is going to slap.  On the drop we have a lovely echoey snare and deep bassline.  The tune just rolls on and on and delivers a very clear message, that this EP means business.  

Next up is a track called Heatwave which is kind of relative during this fairly humid weather we are experiencing in the UK.  Another atmospheric intro which has an almost peaceful melody to it and then begins to build up towards the drop with a repetative beep which keeps the head nodding.  Another beatifully rolling track with a real gritty bassline and nasty little reece which then leads to a wicked half-time piece just before the breakdown.  Wicked tune!

Here we now have the title track of the EP, Invisible.  What a naughty little number!  Loving this one!  Again, Gigan is the master of the atmospheric intros!  His style is reminding me of raving around the mid 2000’s era with some disgusting sounding techstep influences.  These tunes wouldn’t have been out of place on an early Dieselboy mix CD, especially this tune Invisible!

Next on the agenda is Gangland Warfare which drops with a cool vocal sample saying exactly that.  A real groovy funky techstep neuro tune which destroys with its low down sub and driven drum beats.  It lets up for a minute with a cool euphoric sample over the top of these beats just before the breakdown.  The second drop is even more filthy than the first as it has lots of neat little touches of grot over the top of the tune which really add to the depth of Gigans production.

Last but not least is Magnum Opus, which has some string instruments in the intro which give an almost period sound which really add to the effects of this guys production skills.  The drop is no exception with that disgusting techy sound which just punches you straight across the face all the while those violins are still there leading you through with an almost sinister melody.  If you listen carefully in the breakdown you can hear the strings subtly leading you through to the second drop where the melody starts all over again and gets that head nodding furiously.

Thanks Gigan, for bringing this awesome release to my ears.  Great production, great vibe, great sounds.  Head over to Beatport and grab this for yourself on July 7th 2023, click the pic below to take you straight to the release and scroll a bit lower to hear the tracks for yourself!

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