Glass Drops – Density Point [Paperfunk Recordings]

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Hello again friends! I have more fresh drum and bass for you. Today I share Glass DropsDensity Point on Paperfunk Recordings. The drum and bass artist drops their own kind of funk this August out on the 18th. The Russian producer has been at it for some time now. Putting in work on another label Shell Shock Recordings with a track called Sigh. Brought forth on the labels VA release Expanse LP. The artists’ release has been featured on Stonx Cast. And did I mention his original track Kendina gets the remix treatment by none other than Paperclip. Lets get into this EP below.

Glass Drops EP

Glass Drops

This track starts out eerie and moody. Percussive patterns, breaks and melodic leads build up to the drop. A powerful bass drop brings us into the rhythm. Modulation guides the bass melody. A plucky arp synth sets in the high end. Building the phrase up to the bass again. The second half of this track elaborates even more through the sections creating an intense climactic burst of energy.


This one is a smooth kind of vibe. Starting off with ethereal atmospheric textures. Faint melody and cool bright pads fill the air. Vocal samples are ghostly. Mid range bass melody carries us to the drop. The main sections are highlighted with an uplifting lead synth. Laced with modern style breaks supported by bass. A feeling of wonder is ever present.

Kendina (Paperclip Remix)

Paperclips’ take on the original simply adds to the whole experience of Kendina. He follows suit with the sort of two section intro. This time bring in a strong kick early and then the drum pattern. Only to build up again with the vocal and high end melody to the drop. Paperclip gets a little heavier on the drop with his own style. Adding in a harmonically richer bass, punchier kick and a snappier snare.

Glass Drops EP by Density Point is out on Paperfunk Recordings now find it here ready for purchase!

Click here for more info on Density point!

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