Glitch City – Gully EP (Amusement Audio)


With releases on Formation and Program, Glitch City is making some waves in the scene for sure. So lets see what his new EP brings. This is on his own label Amusement Audio which was established in 2016.

“A four-track release, the EP explores the genre’s heavier side through unrelenting
jump up tunes designed to emit maximum energy”

That’s the start of the press release. Lets take a look at the record and see if it delivers on it’s promise of high energy.

Gully Ting – It starts with some minimal filtered drums and a really cool Arabian style melody. This builds into a very tight drum pattern which works it’s way nicely into the first drop. This is a jump up tune. The feel is kinda 2010 era I guess. It’s cheeky with lots of screechy sounds and good movement.

There is a mini drop which is a variation on before with lots of those Eastern flavours making a comeback. The sound choices, particularly the mid bass are perhaps a bit too on the Dubstep spectrum for my personal choice. The production is decent and very clean with energy but these sounds don’t quite hit with the punch and warmth of something with more body and character to achieve that wow factor. The drums in essence have a very fitting groove but again are perhaps a bit thin on this occasion and maybe some layering would of given it a bit more of an organic feel. Having said all this the vibe is there and a lot of people love these types of sounds so I’m sure it will still attract DJ’s to play it. Especially as a flavour under another tune it could work very well.

Soul Catcher – This starts immediately fatter in sound than the first track. It has a dancefloor intro almost similar to what you might find on Viper or Technique. The build is strong and stylistically pretty cool. The drop itself is funky in feel and the beat has groove and movement with nice fills and structure to it. The mid bass itself I have the same complaint about. It’s a bit too grainy and maybe lacks a bit of body or low end power to drive it through a bit more. It grates a little on my ear. It is quite an experimental sound though so no complaints about it’s inclusion, just not for me personally. The sub bass is subtle but does the job to roll you through and keep the head nodding. The drums are the strong point for me on here and have real nice swing.

Space Hop – This begins with some interest. I feel a connection to it straight away which is always a good thing! The build is constructed intelligently as we move into a spacey almost techno like drop. This is my favourite tune already probably because it is very unique and that makes it stand out. The bass sounds are still quite dubstep like in essence but seem to have more body to them which is instantly gratifying. The melody the bassline creates is cool and the Glitch City name tag makes far more sense here as the tune evolves into a more intense experience. The second break is a bit deeper with some atmospheric synths. It drops again with this unique style . The vibe is banging and the sounds as I say are well considered whilst maintaining musicality. The transitions are occasionally a bit abrupt and could of been smoother but this is a production highlight so far.

That’s good – Perhaps this would of been a more ear catching opener as it’s seriously epic. It sounds pretty large on my studio monitors. The build up is really strong and the drop is the heaviest so far. It’s very steppy with big pounding drums and the energy to go with that. The sound choice still leans towards dubstep I would say which I’ve have come to realise is a theme but I think these basses do have some warmth and body to them and do the job that was intended. There are some tasty melodies within the tune and it certainly keeps up the epic nature of the intro throughout. The bass eventually grates just a tad but you are soon into the second break and drop which is more of the same.

The EP as a whole is cool. It does deliver on that energy and for the most part the drums are on point and probably the strongest component. The build to the drop especially on each tune is very well done and the melodies are really catchy and well written. The mid bass is a lacking warmth and character on a couple of the tunes and I probably would have used a slightly different order. That’s okay though music is in the ear of the beholder and all I can say is my view from the time of listening. That’s has the good has the strongest intro and big drums and will tear up a dancefloor I’m sure. Space Hop though is a repeat for me and I would deft include it ina  mix as it’s right up my street. Very unique and cool song. The first two records had some excellent ideas and maybe just lacked a bit of execution.

The EP was released on 27th May and available in all the usual digital outlets.



Spotify – Gully EP – EP by Glitch City


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