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2023 will mark ten years into the journey of Shadow Sect smashing dance floors with face melting drum and bass and filling mixes with the heaviest tracks. There’s no chance of this indestructible duo slowing down anytime soon. With an impressive catalogue on major labels across the board Shadow Sect is bringing the heat to Boomslang Recordings with a two track stomper of an EP that is absolutely B-A-N-A-N-A-S and they’re here to show it off with a killer guest mix this week on the Best Drum and Bass Podcast with Bad Syntax.

I had a chance to get more in depth with Shadow Sect on the EP and more in this interview. Check it out!

The ‘Drums of War EP’ on Boomslang Recordings is coming out February 10th with two brutal bin blasting tracks “RSPCT” and “Drums of War”, an outrageous collaboration with Dropset. What was your mission with this EP? You definitely didn’t hold back!

Our mission?! To bring 2 dance floor bangers! 😛

Well you absolutely nailed that goal! Tell us a bit more about working with Dropset, this isn’t your first track together so there must be some chemistry there. How do you inspire each other as artists while incorporating your own unique styles into the tune? Explain how “Drums of War” came together.

We are good friends. After some collaborations, this one came super random. One day we was talking about music and Tom told me he wants do a hard track. I had an unfinished project and I sent to him.

What do you like about doing collaborations with other artists in the scene? Is there anyone in particular you’d like to work with again that really made an impact on your production? What would be a dream collab that hasn’t happened for Shadow Sect yet?

Mostly we collaborate with artists who are even friends or artists we have a connection to. At the moment would be amazing to collaborate with a few artists like Virus Syndicate, Reaper, State of Mind and Burr Oak.

“RSPCT” is absolutely BANANAS! Pun intended… What’s the inspiration behind this one? How did the banana sample come into play?

I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw a video of the Minions. I was saying to myself “Imagine how funny would be a heavy drum and bass track with that vocal”…

There’s been some sic feedback on both of the tracks on the ‘Drums of War EP’ so far and some big names have hit that download button. How does that make you feel as the release date comes up and did you think it would be so well received as the EP was coming to fruition?

Let’s see what happens 😉

Listening to this EP in depth Matthew Thatcher really nailed the artwork here. Every time you look at the cover there’s something new hiding in the shadows, much like the immensity behind your tunes. What are your thoughts on the artwork for this EP? Do you think good artwork has a strong impact in marketing a release?

Yes! The artwork has a big impact on the market and Social Media and this artwork is really sick! Well done!

Since it’s a hot topic what about AI generated art, opinions on that?

I think is a good idea for inspiration, but not a good choice in general, because the creativity, the emotions and the passion of an artist is something AI can’t do.

How do you feel about the current state of drum and bass going into 2023? In the modern age where more people have access to the technology there’s obviously more tracks available flooding the market do you think this is a good thing or oversaturation? I’m sure a lot has change since you started making music, what is Shadow Sect doing to make an impact in the evolution of the bass music sound and stand out from the rest?

We think is a positive development in some points, because it is giving a chance for a lot of new talented people. 20 years ago, when we was starting our music careers, we didn’t had this opportunity. For 2023 we hope comes a lot of dance floor bangers like back in the days.

What’s coming next? Shows, tours, tunes, etc.? What long term goals do you have set for the future of Shadow Sect? Where would you like to perform that you haven’t yet?

We just continue like always to have fun and do what we really like. This year we have a few upcoming releases. Our debut in Colombia in March + a lot of gigs in Europe. We are looking forward to US asap.

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I want to say many thanks to the whole Boomslang Recordings Team and to the guys of Best Drum and Bass.

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Cristian Pavese & Giulio Ascoli
aka Shadow Sect

Thanks for your time and we wish you much success on the ‘Drums of War EP’!

Preview these two dancefloor bangers NOW:

CLICK HERE to grab your copies of “Drums of War” and “RSPCT” out now on Boomslang Recordings mastered by The Lion’s Den Mastering.


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