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by | Oct 25, 2016 | Tunes

I’m gonna give you guys a little something to look forward to with this one, so get ready to mark your calendars for. Brazil based producer and renowned sound engineer Urbandawn will release his debut album “Gothenburg Cluster” with the legendary label Hospital Records on November 11th 2016. Chances are, if you have gone out to a dnb event in the last few years or maybe you have listened to any one of the great drum and bass web radio shows out there? Chances are you have heard a track or two from this producer. Having released singles, remixes and ep’s on Bad Taste and Hospital over the years (now signed exclusively to Hospital Records), we had yet to really see a full expression of music from him. Well that time is coming very soon folks! Urbandawn has gone above and beyond to show us a diverse and extremely well produced piece of work that is a lot fun to listen to. From half time hip hop influenced beats to heavy dnb breaks, back to jazzy and smooth pianos that take you some place far away, this has all the makings to be one of the best albums of the year.

When i first discovered Urbandawn, he was making these big ravey tracks with a lot of classically trained influence behind it, but sometimes it just wasn’t what i was looking for. In bringing out this full length album, I was very interested to see what other styles of this guy had up his sleeve. There are only two tracks up for preview right now, so i picked Foley Funk for you to listen to because it comes very close to expressing the entire feeling of this album. With a hard hitting yet erie lost in the desert type feel and and old west style stings line that reaches out and grabs you. But.. my favorite track on the album is Black Notes feat Daniel Baeder. Its a perfect mixture of clean sounding classical jazz instruments, echoing bass lines accompanied by new school sound effects with cinematic production value, bringing some serious soul to this release. So as you can tell I am very excited for this one to drop, as a dj I will be playing quite a bit of the Gothenburg Cluster in my sets for years to come. Listed below are all the links to preview the whole album as well as pre order it. Buy It and Play it LOUD!!

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