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by | May 1, 2015 | Tunes

I’ve been saying for years now that there’s something they’re putting in the water around Australia that turns its residents in to expert bass making machines. It doesn’t really matter if it’s D&B, dubstep, glitch hop or country and western, you can be fairly confident that if it’s made by a native of the land down under, it’s probably going to be great.

Gran Calavera are Australian. The production trio, whose name translates as “large skull”, already have a smattering of releases under their belt, including a steroid fuelled romper of a track on Abducted LTD. and a pair of collabs on Viper Recordings that dropped earlier this month.

Their latest release comes in the shape of an incredible pair of tracks on London based Flexout Audio. In stark contrast to their Abducted LTD. release, both tracks here err more on the side of soulful. Unreachable opens with spacey effects before developing into a subtle little liquid roller that puts me in mind of Marcus Intalex & ST Files.

On the flip, Needs features the vocal talents of Bonnie Laschon, and has the kind of tight percussion and drum rolls that remind me of Nu:Tone, or even the DJ Zinc classic Ska. If, like me, you’re a little skeptical of vocals in drum and bass tracks, fear not. They’re used to great effect here, creating an experience that’s far more Calibre and MC Fats’ Drop It Down than Shy FX’s Shake Your Body.

You can grab this quality release from the Flexout Audio Bandcamp , or from the usual download stores.

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