Grand Theft Audio In The Mix Vol 5 – Replete Grand Theft Audio Records

by | Aug 3, 2023 | Mixes

Grand Theft Audio In The Mix Vol 5 – Replete

Replete – Helmsdeep [Dub]
TC – Tap Ho (A.M.C Remix) [Don’t Play]
Hologram – Carry On ft. Karina Ramage [Forthcoming Grand Theft Audio]
Misanthrop – Alert [Neosigal]
Wilkinson – Take You Higher [Ram]
Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit [Vision]
Kleu & Sola – 10 Steps [Grand Theft Audio]
Dimension – DJ Turn It Up [Dimension]
Teddy Killerz – Elephant’s Language [Eatbrain]
Kanine – The Shadows [Subway Soundz]
Noisia – Collider (GROUND Remix) [Vision]
Replete – CTRL-P [Reincarnate]
Sola – Turncloak (Shayper Remix) [Grand Theft Audio]
Hologram – Make a Move [Forthcoming Grand Theft Audio]
Replete – Raptor [Grand Theft Audio]
I.C.U Ft Replete – Party Rock [Forthcoming Grand Theft Audio]
Tollgate Shindigs & Aye Rights – Scary Mary [BrainRave Music]
Screamarts – Coalesce [BrainRave]
Bensley – Hit The Lights [UKF]
Replete – Stimulating [Dub]
Noisia & Upbeats – Omnivore (Bse Remix) [Vision]
LUKA – Distance [Forthcoming Grand Theft Audio]
Sola – Pico De Gallo (Cliques Remix) [Grand Theft Audio]
Corrupted Mind & Bully – No Turning Back [Subway Sounds]
The Fugees – Ready Or Not (Huez Bootleg)
The Prodigy – Breathe (Camo & Krooked & Mefjus remix) [XL]
Corrupted Mind – Dubtrain [Corrupted Mind]
Guzi & Woolf – The Mob [Forthcoming Grand Theft Audio]
Replete & Shakez – Werthers [Dub]
Riton – Sugar (Replete Remix) [Free DL]
Teddy Killerz – The Spot [Eatbrain]
Sola & Replete – Mosquito [BrainRave Music]
Sola – Sun God (Replete Remix) [Forthcoming Boomslang]
Replete – Zelda [Dub]
Stonx – Bad Robot (Moisinn & Fentex Remix) [Grand Theft Audio]
Kleu & Akas Ft G3MC – Ramo [Grand Theft Audio]
Sola – Amazonia (ESKR Remix) [Grand Theft Audio]
Replete – Reaction [Forthcoming Grand Theft Audio]
Replete – Tynan (Aduken Remix) [Forthcoming Grand Theft Audio]
Basys & Tollgate Shindigs – Brainwashed (NC-17 Remix) [BrainRave]
Replete Ft Malique G – The Butcher [Xylo Records]
Replete – Theia [Forthcoming Grand Theft Audio]
Anais & Sudley Ft Flowdan – Wicked [Invicta Audio]
Eprom – The Circle [Square]
Replete – Freak [Dub]
SCALEZ – Starhorse [Dub]
Sola & Perplex – Tesla Coils (Corrupted Mind & Bully Remix) [Grand Theft Audio]
Aye Rights – Touge [BrainRave Music]
Charlie B & Jfal – Voodoo (Shadre & Salvage Remix) [Forthcoming Gta]
SCALEZ – Skullcrack [Dub]
I.C.U & Replete – Resurgence [Korsakov Music]
Replete – Badman [HEFT]
Guzi & Plasmator & Woolf – Every Little Thing [Grand Theft Audio]
I.C.U & Replete – Push The Button [Korsakov]
Teddy Killerz – Riders In The Sky [Monstercat]
Kanine – Take Me Up [Unleashed]
Hedex – Nightmares [Dubz Audio]
Exile – Joy [Grand Theft Audio]
Kleu – Crush [Grand Theft Audio]
Sola & Replete – Swerve [Forthcoming Xylo]

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