Gravit-E – Balloons [Directors Cut]

by | Jul 28, 2018 | Tunes

Beginning with genre-breaking elements from the get-go, producer Gravit-E uses his new single, “Balloons” (released on Directors Cut) to employ dark and sweet percussion segments broken up by ambient sensibilities. The gentle backbeat takes a back seat to the calming, flowing cymbals leading into a strong percussion shuffle.

Originally releasing tracks like “The Boss” and “The Genesis of Skynet,” Gravit-E has a penchant for including fascinating vocal samples while this latest single decides to take the simplistic route. His tracks may take the form of a chameleon through each musical journey, but one thing is certain: chill, surprisingly ambient elements found in his Drum & Bass work make the traditional D&B drum patterns even more infectious than before. There  is no-doubt a lack of pomp-and-circumstance and the small attention to detail on the original mix of “Balloons” is a testament of the “less-is-more” train of thought.

Gravit-E is a clear fan of the unconventional, but “Balloons” arrives as the best single choice from his pool of work. The traditional D&B patterns paired with the simple vocalizations scattered among the track make it only the brightest of what can be considered dark and creepy. The lacking of pop elements makes it the perfect addition to your warehouse playlist, and is probably a track dedicated to the D&B purists who might reject the sugary stylings of the mainstream.

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