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High Resistance Recordings delivers a heater of a release with “Hyperdrive” and “Undead” from Gravitape this week. A double dose of energy pumping, bin thumping, crowd jumping Neurofunk DNB these are two to add to the heavy artillery!


A melodic intro strikes emotion through the build with an instrumental choir leading into a time chronicling tale that caresses “Hyperdrive” surging and swelling over deep synths as the beat blasts in for an explosive drop. A full dose of Neurofunk fire awaits in a cyclone of bass electrifying the mix with a buoyant beat pattern that snaps through the phrases connecting with every hit. Colorful effects and a switch to the rhythm packed with insane fills and breaks will liven up the blend with a furious power operating “Hyperdrive” to no end.


“Undead” seeps into the mix with a chillingly temperamental atmosphere the beat cracking in unexpectedly supporting a quick vocal clip to tease the mood as the build breaks menacingly to reform the suspense twisting into a deviant drop, whipping and slashing to continue to stomp. Heavy bass detonates the bins on a mission of its own, the melody coloring the composition, with an animated beat pattern flipping and shifting as it grinds in unforgiving fashion amidst a battle of sic samples, delays and effects. “Undead” is the ultimate for a smashing DJ weapon to lay it down extra thick!

You can get Gravitape’s “Undead” and “Hyperdrive” from High Resistance Recordings. CLICK HERE

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