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Green Vibes is about to stun the scene coming in full force with their ‘Outbreak EP’ coming soon on Formation Records. Consisting of solo artists Pulsar and Igor, Green Vibes is packing serious heat into this release presenting a well rounded album of carefully composed tracks fully stacked to harness the dance floor in some serious energy. Let’s take a look at what’s about to ignite in the ‘Outbreak EP’ from Green Vibes.

A steady beat kick starts “Crossfire” riding over clean synths melting beneath as they continue to build through the next measure that introduces a lively change to the beat including some first rate fills as the suspense swells. A quick vocal sample breaks the tension as “Crossfire” cascades into a monumental drop. Deep kettles boom morphing with thick neuro basslines as the beat runs feverishly, swarming with energy as the vocal snaps in inflating the insanity once more. Skyrocketing in the mix bouncing every which way Green Vibes show immense attention to detail in their composition; the beats and bass are heavy with superior fills, the changes in patterning keeps it lively and interesting. Its fun to play, to mix and to dance to, “Crossfire” is a keeper for sure.

“Outbreak” pulses in as synthesized strings harmonize over a chorus of chords ushering us toward reggae jungle dance floor vibes. An upbeat vocal breaks into the second measure thrashing wildly in a native Junglist tongue as the build escalates. FX fire rapidly attacking from all angles as the rhythm grows more powerful with every beat winding up ravenously with a beefy fill before flipping into an extremely intense composition of neuro-jungle beats. The bass shatters the sound waves, bouncing in a broken pattern with winding fills resonating through the next measure as the kicks ride heavy with the percussive elements bubbling beneath. Volleying vocalizations between masculine and feminine waves creates symmetry as they carry the melody and bring a tinge of nostalgia to the vibe. “Outbreak” is stacked thick with layers however Green Vibes maintains balance by utilizing variations in measures rather than trying to stack it all in one which allows ample breathing room in the mix. Destined to get the dance floor skanking in approval “Outbreak” brings a warm, carefree, exuberant vibe to the set. Primed to be the next big anthem in your crate be sure to grab a copy of this the instant it hits the shelves.

Sleek synths play on the highs balanced by a low end rhythm growing more temperamental with every beat as we enter Green Vibes’ “Neuro Jungle”. The bassline surfaces from the deep mid build breaking between sirens blazing in eminent warning as future tech effects fire rapidly. The rhythm roars to life once more and a quick vocal sample shoves us into the drop intense and fierce, amplifying the adrenaline with these modern and innovative beats. The beat bounces in vicious variations bounding between clean simplicity in breaks to aggressive fills supplied by a variety of tones. The bass drops deep as it bellows and rolls twisted and contorted mutating into feral nurofunk growls. The stylization in this track is comparable to a tag team match; drums versus bass, each piece taking its turn to deliver a pounding as the variations continue to flow through the measures. The synths and effects tie it all together with a warm, euphoric glow. It’s clear that Green Vibes is pulling out all the stops as well as all of the musical influences from drum and bass and beyond to craft these track with artistry and precision. “Neuro Jungle” is one you’ll keep going back to, there’s more to hear with every play.

“Junglism” wraps up the ‘Outbreak EP’ spiraling out on mesmerizing meditative vibes. A powerfully enchanting feminine vocalization croons accompanied by smooth synths that slink through the build as the rhythm rides with perfection in the percussion, intent on fulfilling the craving for old school jungle vibes. The vocal stutters manipulated in a staggering fashion creating astounding energy with the bassline rumbling beneath intently pursuing the drop. An overwhelming wave of bass crashes enormously wobbling deeper as it sways through the measures. The kicks hit hard keeping the rhythm flowing between precisely placed breaks and pristine effects that bring far out flavor to the mix as that mystifying vocal peeks in and out mischievously. Another masterful display of creativity and talent when it comes to building a track Green Vibes is about to drop some jaws with “Junglism” and the entire ‘Outbreak EP’ coming soon from Formation Records.

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