Grey Code ft. Ray Uptown – Atom Rays [Methlab]

by | Aug 25, 2018 | Tunes

Taking a dive away from my typical Neurofunk reviews. Grey Codes latest “Atom Rays” ft. Ray Uptown is a deeper selection I’ve been working into my sets as of late. Its vibe is pulled back but the tune is still massively effective on the dancefloor. If you’re looking to add some tasteful contrast to your next live gig, look no further.

“Atom Rays” opens with scenic bells and strings. Bassy pads warm up the soundscape as the tune slowly builds. As you approach the drop various percussive elements sprinkle in as the pads reach a feverish pitch, flattening out into a blissful moment of hang time. The track drops low entering the first dance section. Deep stomping bass stabs the floor while busy percussion keeps the tracks pace and allows the tune to carry energy throughout the mix. The pad elements return adding melodic character and deepening the vibe.

I consider myself quite the snob when it comes to my DNB selections. Even more so when I step away from my usual smash and grab Neurofunk foundation. Tracks like “Atom Rays” are always refreshing finds I’m eager to share with friends and the dancefloor alike. Keep an ear on Grey Code and the Methlab camp as we move into the next season.

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