Twisted Individual – Forbidden Fish / Sinkhole [Grid UK]

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Twisted Individual and his notorious Grid Recordings UK strikes again, with their 81st release – Forbidden Fish b/w Sinkhole.

Apparently, I’ve been oblivious to all of Grid’s releases up until this point for the last few years. Grid has always released quality jump up bangers, all the way down to gritty rollers.

Twisted Individual’s sound has always remained consistent – bouncy beats, grimey synths, and that wub wub wobble that we all love about jump up drum ‘n bass, delivered to the world eons before dubstep had its first born. Prepare yourself for another duo of smashers from the one with the gimp mask.

First on the release, Forbidden Fish brings the sci-fi scene with it, without getting too techsteppy. This isn’t Doc Scott’s ‘Machines’, but the kick drum builds keep the room dark as technotic out-of-this-world wharbles obliterate the senses. Two-steppy drums will entrance the dancefloor into a gallop on this one, and turn the bass massive into a head-nodding horde.

Sinkhole punches a hole into the floor from the first beat. Dark and moody, the current number introduces eerie synths like walking into a haunted house (with the Munsters?). The bass drop is a delight, as classic neuro sounds propel through the speakers. Old school heads are going to love this one. Just straight 90s style drum ‘n bass. Superior drum programming brings welcome switch-ups to keep the dancing massive guessing.

You owe it to yourself to buy presents (for yourself)… like this release on Grid. Big up Twisted!

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