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Another banger of a release lands on Neuropunk Records this week with Grinder’s ‘Headlight EP’. These four powerhouse neurofunk tunes are sure to command control in the mix and set a sinister mood with Grinder’s intensely animated compositions and hard hitting groove. Let’s get into the ‘Headlight EP’ now!



Suspense clutches the build diving into darkness with a mysterious mist in the air. The intensity increases drawing a rhythmic melody into the mood as the track cuts, ‘why not’, bubbling and brooding as it reforms to smash the floor. Burly basslines swell and growl, sprawling through the phrases with a chunky beat slicing through spewing heat. “Headlight” continues to thrust and thrash with its deep tones and malicious moodiness seething through the tune. If you’re on the hunt for some grimy, bassy neuro this one’s for you!


A cinematic build plays upon a laminate atmosphere thickening as it emits an array of energy with soft beats winding through shimmering synths that dissipate into a darker mood as the vibe flips ferociously melting into a devious drop. Mechanical beats fire flawlessly immersed in a barrage of bass cascading into a new frame drawing the melody into the composition only to deceivingly flip again as the beast continues to bash from the bellows. “Shadow Strike” keeps the energy up and the intensity high flying through a colossally colorful tune with an aggressively powerful mood.


A tranquil scene echoes through the intro the aura panning the room with a whimsical wisp when the rhythm ignites playfully pulling the soundscape together with lively vocal clips cutting into the mix. The build surges forward with an explosive twist. “Soul Structure” unloads a barrage of beats with a vibrant rhythm taking control relentlessly ravaging the mix as the bass bends and dips boundlessly for that extra kick. The effects and sampling amps up the narrative driving the point in. “Soul Structure” will move the room and shake the bins.


“Galactica” takes hold of the build with a hypnotic pull as the atmospheric elements seethe and grow. The darkness constricts as the beats begin to hit with a funky stammer peeking through the shadows for a spine tingling twist. “Galactica” bursts into the drop with an impenetrable industrial sound as crispy, techy beats grind through the phrases with unrelenting heat. The bass slaps, hard, keeping the pace to smash the dance every which way. A quick flips eases into the break winding back up for the second drop to take it into overdrive with a mind bending switch bringing a punishing half time whip. “Galactica” offers a brutal crunch mingled with a zealous melody and a thunderous snap. Grinder is going in hard with no holding back!

Grab the ‘Headlight EP’ from Grinder on Neuropunk Records out today! CLICK HERE


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