Ulterior Motive – Trip Hammer/Intuition (ft. Quadrant & Iris) [Guidance]


Ulterior Motive has been running it for quite some time, remaining consistent on their label, Guidance Recordings, in addition to contributions to Drum & Bass Arena‘s 2019 selection (alongside Hydro and DLR), and collaborations on Guidance 006 with Judda and Jubei. The eighth release of Ulterior Motive‘s Guidance Recordings brings forth two squelched-out neuro bangers, Trip Hammer and Intuition, featuring Seattle’s Quadrant & Iris.

This EP is superb and brings me right back to the days of early Virus Recordings. Think of the Twisted EP, and Bad Company UK‘s classics. Trip Hammer has that vibe that The Nine used to roll out, and to think of it, I wonder it would sound like to mix these two.

And as if that wasn’t enough, when Intuition comes rolling through, the mysterious backdrop, alongside mystified squelches, and DMT-induced subliminal states through the underlying vocal, the swamp monsters of the place will swarm the floor.

This release is just phenomenal. In a place where there is so much “cookie-cutterness” and much of the music sounds the same, Ulterior Motive, Guidance Recordings, Quadrant and Iris stand out amongst the pack with smashing release after smashing release (which also explains why all three are on Goldie‘s Metalheadz imprint).

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