GU:STUFF & Stonx – Drop That [Stonx Music]

by | Jun 18, 2023 | Tunes

Welcome again to all the drum and bass crew! We share another fresh single soon to be released in the next week. This is the debut of GU:STUFF on Stonx Music with Drop That. Teaming up with Stonx to deliver up a dancefloor destroyer. This single is a perfect amalgamation of GU:STUFF’s fresh and innovative production style. Combined with Stonx’s solid drum and bass foundation. This banger proves their level of production is a force to be reckoned with. Forging a path in the dance music scene. This is one leaves a lasting impression on anyone who hears it. So now get ready to drop everything and surrender to the infectious groove.

Drop That starts with a catchy lead line. Setting the tone for the rest of the track. Then heavy metal inspired vocals make it clear that this is not just another run of the mill dance track. Now as the energy builds the beat drops with a satisfying crunch. Keeping you moving uncontrollably to the bass waves. Going further, the track’s intensity never wavers. Rolling into a relentless barrage of bass, percussion, and synths that will pummel you into submission. Then precision and intricacies of the production are apparent throughout. So with each sound meticulously crafted they create a cohesive and hard hitting track. Don’t miss out on this one dropping the 22nd of June by following Stonx Music here!

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