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An adventure of epic proportions awaits as we step into the ‘Snake Monastery LP’ from Gydra on Eatbrain. A nefarious narrative not to be missed the release supplies a story of strength and perseverance in the quest for the ultimate neurofunk LP. Who else could deliver a severely solid stack of tracks, each hitting as hard as the last other than the dynamite duo of Gydra? Prepare to be enthralled as the ‘Snake Monastery LP’ takes center stage in an all out display of artistry and sound.

We enter the LP through the “Monastery Gate”, a riveting clip to spin this serious saga right into action. As the narrator’s voice cuts through the booming effects in the background the terror consumes as we venture toward the Dragon’s lair.
A symphonic orchestra leads off “Lava Run” being one of the few singles that was released early from this LP. The bass blasts, bellowing from the deepest darkness intensifying the energy toward the drop. Bouncy basslines bound between beautifully broken beats varying the style with emphasis on extended breaks and variations in the measures. Gydra always keeps it fresh there is no such thing as cookie cutter drum and bass when it comes to their signature production style that clearly stands out.
The battle continues with “Shadow Strategy” trudging on through the neurofunk madness. A spacious build plays on the suspense of the atmospherics until the snares kick furiously to bring heat storming toward the drop. Snapping between in your face beats, gnarly neuro bass, prominent and strong, and crazed effects slammed into extended breaks in the classic style of sound design easily recognizable from Gydra.
“Hangjaw” dropped earlier this year and has easily been one of the top tunes of 2020 no doubt. A steady beat builds aggressively in this crusade of carnage complete with an uppercut to the face when the drop hits, “Hangjaw” literally leaves their jaws hanging. A variation in the second measure of the composition mellows slightly to rebuild for one more measure of massacre until the break. It’s fast, fun, funky and the dance floor digs it big time, a track not to be missed.
Trekking on through this tale of terror “Horror Room” dives deep into the darkest depths of drum and bass presenting a more dangerous side to Gydra’s style. Eerie and ambient it’s the calm before the storm billowing in the intro as the bass shatters the stillness, broken in the measure, manifesting the ultimate suspense. Descending into a gritty neuro roller extended growling bass bellows as intricately designed percussive elements amplify the interest while creative breaks and effects redesign this style of sound.
Continuing the hunt for havoc “Stoning” creeps in tense and terrifying winding up tight prepared to decimate on anyone in its path. Cranking it out hard and heavy at the drop Gydra kicks it clear into high gear. “Stoning” is teeming with energy grinding relentlessly it never breathes. The only goal is to enter and annihilate the mix it’s in and out before they even know what hit!
An interesting interlude to this impressive installation “Hunt for the Black Egg” is a short snippet full of grunge and dub, lots of effects add interest and color making this a good overlay or interlude amidst a tenacious set.
“Poison Trap” changes the pace of the ‘Snake Monastery LP’ as Gydra brings a fresh side snapping in with a foul feast at 140 bpm. A fun little piece feeding furious beats with impressive style and lots of energy it’s danceable and fun changing things up as we journey on.
“Snake Style” snaps us back into the realm of merciless neurofunk as synthesized strings orchestrate the build bounding back and forth challenging the hunt to the drop. Cascading into and angry chase “Snake Style” runs wild with horrific horns setting the tone over barbaric basslines slapping below. Absolutely brutal with precision on delivery and design Gydra nails it once again.
A barrage of beats blasts in twisting over atmospheric waves of sound as “Spirit Challenge” stretches tighter ready to launch. Consistent with the intensity, always keeping it interesting, we tumble into a mechanical machine bouncing between blasting basslines as the clean beats flow. With extra play on the FX “Spirit Challenge” is another riveting composition full of fury and flavor as we strive to complete the quest within the ‘Snake Monastery LP’.
“Meditation” with Nuvertal harnesses the smoother side of this LP. Still angry and aggressive we experience a more mellow undertone complimenting the rest of the release with slight contrast to the unforgiving barrage of beats we’ve seen so far as we descend deeper in the journey through the ‘Snake Monastery LP’. Rolling through the measures with thick stacks of beats ever-changing and layered intensely the precision on effects and break variances really makes “Meditation” stand out from the rest.
Synths and pads play amidst keys in between militant beats stalking the drop as basslines pummel in reinventing the build. Dropping into a NASTY half-time number “Battle Dance” bounces between explosive bass drops and manic beats full of fury. An expert manifestation of unique edginess in design Gydra has covered all the bases with this record, there’s something for everyone in the ‘Snake Monastery LP’.
Militant beats burst in firing in a blaze escalating the narrative and intensity in “Wipe” featuring IHR. Hitting at warp speed the drop is heavy and brutal as machine gun beats fire rapidly in hot pursuit. Bending the rhythm with the signature measure breaks “Wipe” goes off with a BANG and we haven’t completed the battle just yet.
Entering the “Dragon’s Lair” the conquest has nearly concluded and it’s now time for the warrior to face the beast. Elemental effects precisely set the scene journeying into a cavern of carnivorous sound design the tension builds with a savage beat. A heart stopping drop comes complete with an angry attack as aggressively broken amens ambush and burning basslines report relentlessly victorious in battle consuming the mix. A perfect plateau to the ‘Snake Monestary LP’Dragon’s Lair” is a dangerous display of expertise and versatility from Gydra as they continue to push the boundaries on the artistry of drum and bass design.
An epilogue to our excursion “Fate” is a fun afterword to the ‘Snake Monastery LP’ … what will your future hold? Is it your destiny to become a dragon or do you have the will to retain your humanity? The power is yours when you venture into the ‘Snake Monastery LP’. Your quest awaits you October 23, 2020 from Gydra on Eatbrain. 

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