Hallucinator & Shadow Sect ‘Bring It Down EP’ [Kosen Prod]

by | Jun 15, 2022 | Reviews, Tunes

Kosen is cranking up the heat in their catalogue and dropping this Friday are “Bring it Down” and “Goin’ On” from Hallucinator & Shadow Sect; a dangerous double dose of dnb artillery to add to the arsenal.

Bring It Down

“Bring it Down” annihilates the airwaves as electrifying chords tease the build bursting through the gates harboring aggressive alternative energy. Intense breaks wind the tension to a peak as vocal samples are stuttered and chopped manipulating the manifesto to the drop. Flipping the vibe vicious half time explodes through the composition in a frenzy of snappy belligerent beats and dubby bass. Angry foghorn sneaks into the mix pummeling “Bring it Down” with powerful darkness as it stomps, whips, digs and devastates the dance floor with its purely evil, moody groove. The second drop thrusts the throttle to full speed as grinding drum patterns drive the mix with a deep, dangerous sound. Hallucinator & Shadow Sect make a perfect pair to pull influences from genres outside drum and bass making this track stand out from the rest literally bringing the walls down.

Goin’ On

Harmonized strings strum through the intro building a brilliant ballad intertwining smooth vocals with punchy percussives to serenade the dance. The suspense continues to grow as the beats break, exaggerating the distress crying to the drop. A next level neurofunk banger is unleashed as a tenaciously technical rhythm unfolds crusading through the track as the bassline holds a steady groove. Shadow Sect & Hallucinator magnificently manipulate “Goin On” adding overly exaggerated breaks, stabby fills, soul crushing effects and insane instrumentals all running with the ultimate strength feeding the machine. “Goin On” is crossing lines and bending vibes you won’t want to miss this one!

Click here to grab your copy of Shadow Sect & Hallucinator’s ‘Bring it Down EP’ out this Friday on Kosen Prod.

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