Hamilton – War [RAM]

by | Aug 16, 2016 | Tunes

Hamilton is back with a vengeance with his latest tunes from Ram Records!
The man responsible for countless anthems throughout the recent years shows why he stays on top even after a vacation. Some says its his basslines, some says its his mysteriousness. Lets go to WAR with this latest of release of Hamilton’s!

Today we are going over the tune “War” which is my favorite tune of the week.
“War” Starts of with a sense of dread and darkness, with an initial kick that continues its course throughout the first 16 bars. As the plot thickens stabby rave synths pierce the atmosphere into a full blown assault as a time stretched vocal sample of ” WAAAAR” is shouted before the tunes drop. “War ” drops into an amen laden playground fusing the elements of darkside jungle and modern Drum and Bass. The tune carries a sense of overwhelming psychological terror tones all around while maintaining a hefty bassline that could rip apart the space time continuum as we know it.

Overall im loving this tune from Hamilton and am incredibly excited to see what he has in store for DNB , and the future of RAM Records. This one is certainly not to be slept on for this is staple dj material right here. Make sure to follow Hamilton and RAM for more news about his upcoming album thats certain to destroy worlds and break barriers.
Bounce That / War is out now on Ram Records! Go ahead and put it in the crate…

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