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That’s right bass crazed fam. We have a potentially dangerous LP dropping on AGN7 Audio. Romanian artist Heatwave has his first full length release on AG7N. “Echoes” features collaborations with dreadmaul (Germany), Itti (Japan), and Rainforest (Mexico). With a Full release on August 13th. This 9 track LP explores the girth of the 170 bpm territory.

As a member of Dub Logic. A collective of djs and producers with the same aspiration. To widen their horizons open minded to any kind of deeper music. We don’t listen to music with our ears – we read it between the sines. Heatwave is coming off of a heavy release on Onset Records, and a couple collabs with DreadMaul . Boca Hunor-Lehel is revealing his ability to fuse together halftime , industrial, jungle, and acid genres into one cohesive soundscape. Combining efforts from various producers covering 3 continents. This album is an exploration of global music seen through one lens.

“We don’t listen to music with our ears – we read it between the sines.”

                                           “LETS DIVE INTO THE JAMS”

     The first tune setting the tone for the album is ‘Your Sleeping‘ . This is typical for the resonating style from the AGN7 camp. A sonic trip through a dark path leading you into a dystopian nightmare. As we are dragged through a series of bleeps n bloops, heavy kicks, cymbal stabs, and filters & sweeps. The listener is welcomed into a deep and techy display . This tune is dark, driving, and laden with a futuristic tribal attack.

Xism‘ is a collaboration with dreadmaul. Following the set pace. This one hits harder in the low end. With a familiar sound clash vocal sample and airhorn to add some jungle elements. But keeping us in the deep. Deep techy halftime. Borderlining on full-time. Filling the air with tons of delay and reverb. Subs coming from all directions, with drops that smack you right in the chest.

The title track ‘Echoes‘ goes right into a different feel. Sonically night and day from the first two. As well as, going into a bouncy more uptempo feeling. The hand drums, percussive elements, vocal melodies and various stringed instrumentation bring a focused producer to life. Giving an interpretation of global music electronic production that screams Bangkok Bali Baryshnikov Bounce. I just made that up. You’re welcome!

Let’s ride! Is the theme of the next tune ‘One Style‘ . Which is a full on attack on the modern bounce movement. The layering of acid, synths, and old school drum sounds would make an 8 inch high stack of baklava say ” God damn thats a lot of layering” . This one is for the hyper massive, the fill the floor crew, and for the breakers.

Japan’s Itti comes onto record with a piece called ‘Why in‘. This one is more of a showcase of arrangement and sound design. It has tension and excitement being built with a pulsing kick and a combination of analog sounding instrumentation. There are risers and stabs that literally attack the senses all over this tune. A great piece to transition through the middle half of this record. Sonically beautiful and mystifying at the same time.


   We come into the back half of the record with ‘ Lapis Lazuli ‘ . A definitive example of high energy future jungle. It has a real old school vibe to it. Not classical hardcore because its more up tempo. But it has the soft synth melody, nature sounds, a more traditional kick pattern, and some amen layering behind the scenes to drive this one home. This tune is gorgeous. Like a perfect croquembouche.

   Itty  comes back around for ‘Integrate’ . A much more sinister take on the deep halftime songs earlier on the record. More percussion and amens are layered into the mix. With heavier subs and low end. This is the song where we are brought back into the nightmare, and realize our choice to take the red pill was a mistake.

Get Down‘ is a classic. Bringing back those vibes of the No-U-Turn / SpiderNet style of tech step that jumped me into jungle music almost 30 years ago. All the hard hitting elements of Nico, Trace, Future Forces, Dom n Roland, and Genotype are all here. There is so many amens slammed against each other no one will ever have call back to a sermon ever again. I even hear a sample similar to the ‘Horns‘ tune made famous on Renegade Hardware. This one bangs y’all, bangs real hard.

Finishing off the record is ‘ B-263-54‘.  All hail the combination of Rainforest and Heatwave. Alone these two are vicious, so I’m pretty stoked we get a bit from these two working together. There is a combination of tropical and “rainforest” vibes. Fused together with the futuristic jawns of drone . This song actually feels like you stepped into a jungle. Looking at a wall of analog synths manipulated by two sonic swordsmen trying to explode a Void sound system. It’s pretty magical and a great way to bring an album full circle.

“Yo D_E_B_T! How’d this one grab ya? “

I thought this album was great. Like the majority of the AGN7 releases. This album was meticulously curated by both the label and the artists creating it. The artwork not only fits the brand, but matches the vibe of the entire piece of work. I feel as if this album fits the dystopian domain both AGN7 and Heatwave have a reputation built on. Yet it goes into a couple other realms of global electronic fusion, as well as, being able to hear a musician mature in production and composition at the same time.

There is a variety of sound happening here. Its not all dark drone halftime or techy amen driven jungle. There are some more uptempo songs written in a key range that isn’t total depression and anxiety. Depicting a story line that takes the listener from dark to light places, and back again. All in all, I see this album as an opportunity to sit back and enjoy the ride. From start to finish, without ads or skipping, the way albums were meant to be heard. Or take it into live a setting. To create an environment that is a little more engaging to getting the introverts onto the dancefloor, less focused on a typical bang sesh with my camo coated blood clot bros.











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