Heavy Hitters to Heat Up Your Arsenal

by | Oct 7, 2020 | Tunes

If you’re in pursuit of dynamic neurofunk tracks to dominate the mix look no further than this grab bag of heavy hitters surging with power to command attention and spin the dance floor into action.

Disaszt & TREi ‘Danger Time/Shape the Future’ [Mainframe Recordings]
A double dose of danger is uncovered from Disaszt & TREi on Mainframe Recordings as this fierce collab combines forces to deliver “Danger Time” and “Shape the Future”.
An arpeggio of keys elevates the mood playfully ascending the build opening “Danger Time” amidst sedative synths as energetic guitar licks spill in with a steady beat. ‘It’s Danger Time’, a snappy warning before the drop tumbles into a groovy rhythm complimented by built up beats and bouncy basslines to deliver a punch of pizzazz. A hard hitting track with the ability to keep the dance floor intact “Danger Time” is a must have.

“Shape the Future” harbors a luminous build giving plenty of room for the powerful verse with a passionate message of strength and perseverance in adventure moving forward which is exclusively reserved to the intro and breakdown. Kicks pump in continuing to stretch to the drop where twisting, outstretched basslines flow carrying a steady rhythm enriched by the harmonics provided when the guitar riffs slice in. A fun composition with ample room to breathe between the vocals “Shape the Future” blends all the right elements in all the right places to snag a space in the playlist.
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Smooth ‘Black Streak/Rougher’ [Eatbrain]
The latest from Smooth is an unrestrained display of fury and power. “Black Streak” keeps the intro faint with a slow build between big breaks leaving the spotlight on the monster drop ahead. The bass flows merciless, infinitely it seems to never end running wild as brutal, sharp beats smash violently between the lows spiralling out of control. “Black Streak” is an aggressive and substantial track with thick, heavy, coarse layers to annihilate the sound waves.

“Rougher” holds the energy in a capacity all of its own. A hefty beat kicks from the start as the daring vocals smash in bold and fearless with confrontational aggression. Echoing out over the beastly blasts of bass an exuberant roll builds to the drop. Exploding with heavy layers of bass the energy is diverted to an unruly rhythm as we swing around back and forth interchanging the elements to enhance the blend. The vocal reappears to round things out before the breakdown ‘Bigger & Bolder & Rougher & Tougher in other words sucker there is no other’ a definitive statement of status to compliment the mix.
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Gydra Featuring IHR ‘Wipe’ [Eatbrain]
Two of the strongest names when it comes to consistency in pumping out the top neruo bangers when Gydra and IHR come together you know it’s going to be ultimate fire! Vocal samples initiate an instant narrative leading into “Wipe”. Militant beats burst in firing in a blaze as the intensity escalates. The drop hits at warp speed, heavy and brutal as machine gun beats fire rapidly in hot pursuit. With colorfully enhanced breaks bending the rhythm “Wipe” goes off with a BANG and will leave the floor liquefied in a puddle of filth.
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