World’s Collide in Heist ft. Noize Komplaint ‑ “Celestial” EP [Boomslang Recordings]

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Tunes

Following colossal releases each month like with NC-17 ft. Jinx’s “Clockers”, Boomslang Recordings is back to shake up your World with the help from the legendary producer Heist and US DNB super group Noize Komplaint (Ragga Scum, Bad Martian, We Bang, ESKR) in their new, intergalactic EP: “Celestial”. Heist the renowned producer & master engineer with the classic back catalog more massive than a meteorite to back has been busier than ever this quarantine having fun locking down in the studio making new music and designing sounds & sample packs while also hosting tutorials and providing his one-on-one production tutoring.

Teaming up on the remix of the EP, Noize Komplaint consists of pioneer producers & DJs that have been pushing Bass music in the States for years but have recently come together to form a new & exciting, experimental, Voltron-like DNB group. The Warlord Dubplate label founder, Ragga Scum, known for his History of Ragga Jungle Volumes 1 & 2, adds his supernatural sounds & Junglist finesse to their music. Call[ed] to Action from his last release on Scāpegōt Records in 2020, Bad Martian brings his Hip-Hop influenced style of drum and bass to the table. Outside from creating heavy & creative preset packs on Black Octopus & Splice while also providing bright & beautiful mixdowns & masters through his The Lion’s Den Mastering services, We Bang brings his unique sound design & engineering expertise to the team. With his own recent solo release on Boomslang Recordings just last month as well as Play Me last year, ESKR contributes his incredible, inspiring & legendary sound design that he has been cultivating for 20-odd years in their songs.

On Heist’s original, we start our voyage with the subtle yet stunning sounds of space arcade-like arpeggiators drifting & beeping like the inside of a spaceship’s control panel as dramatic, triumphant, interstellar pads & strings lead you into the scattering, masterful drums. Heist gives you a simplistic, beautiful melody right before twisting and throwing you into a time-warp of smooth grooving yet rippling & gritty basslines crunching & squeezing like an accordion of froggy, laser-like synths. The hard-hitting snares crater through splashing into lo-fi antenna FX sending transmission signals that the takeover is here.

Noize Komplaint’s remix of “Celestial” takes off as the leading atmospheres & crowd-like Vox cheers on the journey over smooth, smacking drum hits & jungly percussions marching just before being launched & hurled into warp speed. The song throws the ship into twists & barrel rolls of experimental basses and a fun frenzy of sounds & rhythm. The twists, cranks & yoinks synchronize like gravity guiding a floating asteroid belt: different pieces yet moving and flowing together in this barrage of bass. The contrasts & coordination between the switch ups of the drum patterns with the basses & sounds really shows how Noize Komplaint brings together their unique styles & backgrounds through their experimental sound.

Be sure to grab Heist’s “Celestial” EP Ft. Noize Komplaint (OUT NOW on Boomslang Recordings).


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