Heist – Saturn EP [Low Down Deep]

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Tunes

Latest from Logan’s camp. Currently released on the planet series out on Low Down Deep. Heist takes us to Saturn with this four track EP. We haven’t heard anything from the planet series since Turno and Heist covered Neptune with ‘Glad You Came’ and ‘Information’. As I continue to wait on the rest of the Serum and Voltage collaborations we might see on another planet titled release or maybe on the 10 Years of Low Down Deep. Let’s take a listen to the sounds of Saturn.

Against The Grain

This is a genuine Heist roller if I ever heard one. Staying true to his jump up theme of video game bits, you’ve seen his live streams. I’m honestly expecting a VIP to come out soon from this. By expecting I mean hope, hoping that one will see the light of day. My number one draft pick, personal favourite solely on the merits that it rolls and I love when Jim makes rollers. Take no offense I heard some of his stationary stuff and I’ve even rinsed it. But his rollers never leave my wallet.

Broken Down

This is one of those stationary tunes I was talking about. But it grew on me the more I repeatedly listened to HBS Volume Six with Evil B and Logan D. I personally would never play it as I pretty much grew out of that stage of gutter jump up. Never the less this tune whether I specifically like it or not, is indeed a banger. You can catch the rest of this release down below, and be on the look out for the future planet series releases with Jaydan, Logan D and Dominator at Low Down Deep.

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