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Korsakov Music how do we love thee? Let me count the ways.

  1. Sovryn’s ‘Static Vision EP’ kicked off Korsakov 2021 in a BIG way! 
  2. Transforma brought flavor and fury with ‘The Boneyards EP’ 
  3. Smooth & DC Breaks nailed the ‘Out There EP’ with style and power filling our crates with furious neurofunk. 
  4. Sovryn & AL/SO continued to pioneer their own sub genre of drum and bass through the ‘Insanity EP’! 
  5. Korsakov Future Stars Volume 2 was just overflowing with fresh talent spanning several sub genres of drum and bass with some severely wicked tunes bringing a new generation of producers into the spotlight. 
  6. Korsakov Music Halftimed dropped recently too and that’s just 2021 so far…

Coming up next is a wicked reinvention of High Maintenance & AL/SO’s ‘Hypersonic EP’. Six vicious variations from the most daring names in drum and bass as they masterfully manipulate the original stems twisting this EP into an entirely new armory of ammunition to annihilate the dance floor with just the kind of energy we need as festival season is kicking off and ravers are reuniting all over the world.

“Hypersonic” (Sovryn Remix)

More ambience on the intro gives Sovryn’s remix of “Hypersonic” a warmer, more delicate touch to the familiar vocalization caressing the build until the gnarly bass blasts through amping the energy for the drop. Sovryn’s take on “Hypersonic” is bouncy and fun as savage neruo vibes womp and stomp, consuming the composition, flowing electrifyingly through the measures. The basslines are beefed up, extra chunky, exploding with intensity implementing vehement highs melding to the original melodies with immense focus on detail and structure, the true Sovryn touch. Hold on to your head for the second drop, the delay will break some necks as the floor flies into a full bounce; this one is tested and approved to make them lose their mind!! HYPERSOVRYN in full effect!

“Party Every Day” (Droptek Remix)

Droptek’s take on “Party Every Day” flips this fan favorite into a dangerous display of the devious side of drum and bass. Potent and powerful the technicality in this composition is beyond belief building on deep, dark, violent vibes this remix is tight. The vocal stutters in sluggishly as the synths bellow below followed by four by four patterns pulsing to the drop, pounding with fury as the vocals fly furiously forcing the composition to bend into an all out assault of relentless rhythms. Droptek continues to reform “Party Every Day” measure by measure, exuberantly animated to flip the floor into a frenzy. There is so much energy in this remix it can’t be contained. The breakdown is FUNKY AF, Droptek drops it low. Slow and grimy with devilish foghorns fuming when out of nowhere the insanity ensues once more a surefire pick to impress the floor.

“Here We Go Again” (Toronto is Broken Remix)

What kind of DNB sorcery is THIS??? Toronto is Broken has not just remixed “Here We Go Again” this is an entire redesign on the track. The intro is H E A V Y, we’re talking metal AF, and the drop is an absolute bombshell ticking away to disintegrate the dance floor, pulverizing the bins with dynamic dubby basslines, militant beats and monster breaks. The highs scream and tumble, effects are cut, chopped and spliced. This remix is an absolute dance floor destroyer flipping between measures a new composition is waiting around every corner, utterly savage and completely unpredictable. Insane edits in the time signature make this funky and fun. Toronto is Broken’s remix of “Here We Go Again” is an ultimate DJ weapon of mass destruction.

“Hypersonic” (PRFCT MANDEM Remix)

PRFCT Mandem continues to push the boundaries and redefine drum and bass as we know it conjuring up ingenious ideas, innovating unconventional sounds, carving their own path through drum and bass like no other and their remix of “Hypersonic” is no exception to this rule. Angelic atmospherics from the original composition remain intact shining through the intro as heavier synths activate the intensity, the drum line chattering along. The drop? A literal drop kick to the face revving up to slam into a nasty four by four beat pattern spewing energy from every which way as powerful percussive pulses , PRFCT Mandem twisting, turning, bending the stems. The drum design is mental, measure by measure thumping and pounding with power and pizzazz in this manic remix of “Hypersonic”. Adventurous conceptions make a bold statement; PRFECT Mandem is fearless in their drum and bass journey and have produced a phenomenal remix for Korsakov Music with this irresistible rendition of “Hypersonic”.

“Party Every Day” (Joe Ford Remix)

“Party Every Day” has been holding strong as Korsakov Music’s #1 selling track, how could it possibly get any better? The answer is when Joe Ford gets his hands on it! With ultimate energy emitting from the original Joe Ford gives this one a supersized boost blasting into another dimension entirely. Murderous manipulation through the intro develops a darker vibe with the vocal stems mutilated into a malevolent machine. The drop decimates into a vicious bounce; bending, breaking and redefining the original stems as Joe Ford takes “Party Every Day” straight to the edge of futuristic design of bass music. The second drop is a ridiculous rendition hyping up the half time vibe to the extreme. Joe Ford’s remix is sure to spice up the mix no matter what you pair it with.

“Here We Go Again” (Mean Teeth Remix)

Wrapping up ‘Hypersonic Remixed’ is “Here We Go Again” from Mean Teeth and here we go again indeed with another killer remix that will make everybody scream. The intro pulses in the highs humming a faint melody as things take a brutal turn, the original stems coming to life with that insane industrialized sound. Punchy power in the drop the big fat bassline pummeling and pulverizing as the highs scream between severely broken beats hitting harder than ever. The vocal manipulations are on point and Mean Teeth makes exceptional use of plugging effects in just the right places to ravish the rave measure after measure pulling the key elements from the original composition into an ultra sic refresh rock the room. Mean Teeth murdered this “Here We Go Again” remix for sure!

With this radical roster of artists remixing High Maintenance & AL/SO’s already unparalleled ‘Hypersonic EP’ it’s impossible to pick a favorite but if you have one we’d love to hear it in the comments section below. You can grab your copy of ‘Hypersonic Remixed’ this Friday from Korsakov Music. Keep it locked to Best Drum and Bass  there’s a whole lot more coming from Korsakov this year and I’ll keep you updated on all that and more.

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